VCT EU Region Gameplay Styles Explained & Training Tips!

Valorant eSports is a global phenomenon after the success of the previous year’s VCT Masters Berlin Event. The LAN event saw sixteen teams from seven regions competing to become the first Global Valorant Pro eSports Champions. Ultimately, one of the three VCT EU Teams in the playoffs succeeded in grabbing the top spot  – Gambit Esports!

So what differentiates their gameplay style from other regions, and what helped them reach this far? And how could you use it all in your Valorant Ranked Queue games to gain better Ranks? Read on to learn all about it!

Top VCT EU Teams Gameplay Overview

Most Valorant teams focus on securing Map Space because it’s the practical thing to do in tactical FPS games. Similarly, various other aspects exist that must be entertained & countered in such games like reading opponents, stacking, etc.

Where the Valorant EU gameplay shines is not one thing in particular but a collective combination of such different aspects. Still, the uniting factor making their gameplay extraordinary against other regions is taking responsibility, on both individual and team levels.

Based on these tactics, the following tips are summarized so you can implement them in your Valorant Ranked Games.

1. Gambit Esports

The First Global Valorant eSports Berlin Champions – Gambit Esports earned their entry by beating the Valorant EMEA region teams. Teams like G2 and Team Liquid provided stark competition to the Russian Valorant team, and surpassing them wasn’t pure luck.

Both teams were defeated with a 2:1 outcome, yet they ultimately won against Envy in Berlin with a 3:0 result. Players namely sheydos, nAts, and Chronicle proved that being Duelists isn’t all too necessary to score big or secure wins.

VCT EU Teams

Here’s what the Gambit Esports gameplay employed to eliminate its opponents:

  • Team Coordination in acquiring Trades.
  • Resolute Contingency planning for Post Plants.
  • Aggressive Pushes in Eco Rounds to Break the Economy.
  • Unusual Lineups for preventing Spike Defuse.
  • Better Headshot Percentage & First Bloods.

The following tips are summarized based on the tactics above, so start implementing them in your Valorant Ranked Games.

Top Gambit Esports Gameplay Tips

  • Avoid Pushing opponents as Defenders, unless it’s their ECO round.
  • Overwhelming opponents work better with double-peeking than relying on abilities.
  • Knowledge of Map Geometry can benefit in crossfire situations to take cover advantage.
  • Never let your controllers use all their Abilities by the half-time of any Match Rounds.

2. Team Liquid

The British Esports Valorant Team made a name for themselves after clean-wiping most Valorant EMEA teams in the Challengers Playoffs. The strong points for the team were a handful but their consistent efforts in delivering them made a great and positive impact on their global rankings.

Performance of the Team Liquid can be seen as the face of the Valorant EU gameplay, for two specific reasons. One of them concerns the prospect stated by the Valorant Developers, regarding using abilities to create favorable gunplay scenarios. The other reason is being calculative in their game tactics.

Aside from it, the entire team deserves the credit for working as a unit. The current Team Liquid roster is composed of players namely ScreaM, Nivera, Jamppi, soulcas, and L1NK. Here’s what has been their USP in winning valorant games against Tier-S teams.

  • Holding Angles in parity & dueling in pairs.
  • Calculative moves and adhering to IGL commands.
  • Reading opponents and adapting to the Map Control Conditions.
  • Breaking the Economy of the Opponents, even after the Losing outcomes.
  • Utilizing Valorant Agent Abilities to counter Opponent Abilities.

On the factors stated above, the following key learnings can be derived that can be mighty useful in clutch situations.

Top Team Liquid Gameplay Tips

  • Correct & On-feet Positioning can save you from having to rely on Abilities.
  • Landing Headshots is always advantageous but so is ‘dinking’ followed by spray fire.
  • Always have a Valorant Agent playing Lurk or vigilant of double-Flank plays.
  • Moments of Pausing or Freezing while pushing should always accompany rotation.

3. Fnatic

The most well-known Valorant team Fnatic shares its oldest rivalry with one of the VCT EU Teams – Gambit Esports. After whitewashing them to secure their position in VCT EU Challengers Playoffs Finals, they faced a defeat from Team Liquid.

However, the Best of 5 Finals saw both Team Liquid & Fnatic going toe-to-toe & neck-to-neck with a 3:2 result. Notable players of Fnatic namely Boaster, Derke, Magnum, Mystic & Doma are to date among the formidable opponents in Valorant’s history.

VCT EU Teams

Here’s what they ensure together and repeatedly to retain their prestige across all VCT Series games:

  • Staying motivated and backing allies through and through.
  • Engaging gunplay with precise aiming abilities, for quick dismissals to build pressure.
  • Initiating duels and baiting opponents or abilities for later overwhelming them.
  • Landing their Valorant Agent Abilities with correct timing and placements.
  • Quick to follow the contingency plan to prevent turntables situations.

Top Fnatic Gameplay Tips

  • Master your Weapon Recoil or resort to one-tapping AR Valorant weapons.
  • Don’t be quick to engage Valorant Agent Abilities as a crutch to attain quick kills.
  • Never isolating an ally completely on any map area, helps win trades if not kills.
  • Going in for the kill is never the best strategy always, yet do or die demands sparing no inch.

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4. G2 ESports

Another Valorant Pro eSports Valorant Team from Europe is G2, which presently ranks 2nd in the region. Several positive characteristics of their gameplay can be accredited to how well the team performs across all the Valorant Maps.

Its roster contains famous eSports players like nukkye, AvovA, Mixwell, Meddo, and keloqz, each of whom is a complete fragger. One may not expect a player to win 1v3 outcomes but their roster has made it happen time and time again.

VCT EU Teams

Here’s what they additionally bring to the table and for the delight of the viewers besides their team synchronicity.

  • Timely communicating Valorant Map Callouts to allies for the enemy position(s).
  • Making coordinated plays like clockwork when playing defense or commencing a push.
  • Holding angles but switching positions to puzzle enemy reads on stacking.
  • Always rotating to emerge as the flank when the spike plant is on the alternate spike site.
  • Quick reflexes and utilizing map geometry to their advantage. (Bullet-penetrable surface).

Top G2 Gameplay Tips

  • Playing less huddled or more spread out prevents opponents from getting multi-frag kills.
  • Using Valorant Abilities should come as instinct, with respect to adhering to team comms.
  • Setting up allies for advantage kills & whistling in the dark (Spray spamming smokes & walls).
  • Acquiring first blood(s) can land multiple kills opportunities depending on agent loadout.

5. Acend

The masterful Valorant EMEA region team Acend proved their mettle to the world by beating all the above teams in the VCT series at different stages. Becoming the First Global Valorant eSports Champions saw them beating Gambit Esports in VCT Masters Finals. Succeedingly, Acend was never and will never be a team to trifle against with its star roster.

Its players namely, CNed, zeek, Bonecold, starxo, and Kiles can turn any match round on its head in a matter of seconds. They accomplish this by using their Valorant Agent abilities in combinations – a marvelous sight to behold in its entirety.

Valorant VCT Champions 2021

Here’s how they set up such scenarios and deal with opposition even though the going gets tougher.

  • Always being calculative of a push before committing & following the commitment through.
  • Using Valorant Agent Abilities in combinations to trap the entire team for easy pickings.
  • Surprising opponents with odd stacking positioning, but dutifully returning to their stations.
  • Maintaining at least one window in post-plant or retake situations for higher winning chances.
  • Solo anchoring spike sites or map areas until the cavalry arrives to sweep away the enemies.

Top Acend Gameplay Tips

  • Perfecting gunplay with every kind of Valorant Weapon
  • Less relying on Valorant Agent roles but playing for maximizing on opportunities.
  • Force Stacking against Valorant opponents to waste their initial match round time.
  • Assisting ally gunfights or setting them up to score multi-frags on bigger maps.

Key Valorant VCT EU Teams Gameplay Tips

The majority of the Valorant EMEA region teams, including the participating VCT EU Teams, focus on winning duels & saving abilities. On the NA Valorant side of gameplay, the latter aspect is less regulated. But, no such carelessness was witnessed from the win the team Optic Gaming scored in VCT Masters Reykjavik 2022 event.

Best EMEA Tier-S Valorant VCT Teams Gameplay Tips

  • A key Gambit Esports gameplay factor is to secure possible angles and establish crossfire setups.
  • What the team G2 gameplay repeatedly showcases is maintaining rotation to prevent stagnancy.
  • The Fnatic gameplay is reflective of setting up opportunities to build pressure on opposing teams using gunfire, abilities & fake movements.
  • Acend gameplay repeatedly shows how combining Valorant Agent abilities can help secure map control, as opposed to netting kills with them.
  • An inspiration to acquire from Team Liquid gameplay is to back your allies in anchoring spike sites or map areas.

The Takeaway

Numerous key factors of the Valorant EU gameplay can set up the team for victories but establishing teamwork is paramount. It’s what separates the VCT EU Teams from other regions that may overly rely on individual frags to secure wins.

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