Vision Strikers Valorant – Best VCT 2022 KR Team?

For the uninitiated in the Global Valorant eSports scene, the Vision Strikers Valorant team hails from the South Korea region. They have already successfully competed globally on LAN against teams like Team Liquid, Cloud 9, Gambit, Fnatic, etc. However, the team was recently acquired by DRX in January 2022.

Vision Strikers Valorant Roster

Former CSGO players originally formed the team from the MVP PK roster, which signed its key players from the get-go. Yet, on July 17th, 2020, Efina and Lakia left the team, only for Lakia to return on July 2nd in 2021 again.

Since the time forward, there have been numerous team roster changes, but the roster below is presently in practice.

CountryIDNameJoin Date
South Koreastax (IGL)Kim Gu-taek2020-06-07
South KoreaRBGoo Sang-Min2020-06-07
South KoreaZestKim Gi-seok2020-06-07
South KoreaBuZzYu Byung-chul2021-05-21
South KoreaMakoKim Myeong-kwan2021-05-21
South KoreaLakiaKim Jong-min2021-07-02

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Team Vision Strikers Past Performance

The team has made plenty of headlines, from KR and global regions fans looking up Vision Strikers Valorant Settings to other news. Until the Quarterfinals match against Team Gambit in VCT Masters Berlin, the Vision Strikers (now DRX) have had a clean run of the longest win streak.

But, the roster changes and some other rivalries have kept the team busy, none of which has affected their performance. The Vision Strikers Valorant Win Streak continues in their regional games, where they’ve been ranked 1st consistently and consecutively.

Vision Strikers Valorant

Team Vision Strikers in eSports VCT 2021

DRX has succeeded in earning over $224,000 from its victories across six Valorant Series in 2021. Naturally, their placement has been on the 1st spot, and only a handful of teams hold the power to topple them.

The notable players from the team that helped its progression were Lakia, BuZz, Mako, and stax. Along with RB, the team competed against the global Valorant best in the VCT Masters Berlin like Gambit, Cloud9, etc. However, they could not make it to the finals, where they lost against Team Gambit, but not without a nail-biting fight.

Team Vision Strikers Valorant Rivalry

The rivalry of DRX (formerly Vision Strikers) and Team Gambit began from the VCT Masters Berlin tournament. Both teams competed against each other neck to neck until the former fell short in securing enough rounds. With Lakia active in the team after returning from his and the team’s mutual decision to bench him, the team looks strong.

Vision Strikers Valorant

Team Vision Strikers in eSports Valorant VCT 2022

The perfect Victory chart of Vision Strikers Undefeated shows no blots since their losses against Cloud9 and Fnatic. They are currently on a 4 win streak, expecting to continue it into the VCT Champions December event. But, only time will tell if DRX can carry the Vision Strikers valorant record. You can read more about them on the RDX Liquipedia profile.

Q.    Who is on Vision Strikers?

The present team roster of Vision Strikers includes members, namely BuZz, Lakia, stax, RB, Mako, and Zest.

Q.    Are Vision Strikers good?

Vision Strikers, now DRX, has one of the longest Valorant Win Streaks of 75 games, June 2020 to Apr 2021.

Q.    Why did Lakia leave Vision Strikers?

Lakia left Vision Strikers to find better opportunities in other teams, which was a mutual decision between him and DRX.

Q.    Is Vision Strikers an org?

Vision Strikers was an organization before being acquired by DRX, formerly known as KING-ZONE DragonX and DragonX.

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