Noble Valorant eSports Scandal & Disband Reason Explained!

Noble is an American eSports organization whose teams are fielded in various game titles like CS:GO, League of Legends, etc. The Noble team was formed in September 2020, whereon it went to compete in various Valorant tournaments.

However, on 10 July 2021, the organization publicly announced on its Twitter handle (@NobleGG) that it was disbanding its Valorant Team.

Noble Valorant

Noble Valorant Roster

Since its disbandment for the NA region, there is no Active Noble Valorant Team roster. However, it did have its Noble eSports team for other regions, which unfortunately also got disbanded. The former players associated in the NA Noble Roster are as follows:

CountryIDNameJoin Date
United StatesPrecisionColin O’Neill2021-02-22
United StatespayenNate Lopez2021-06-28
United StatesbdogBrandon Michael Sanders2021-06-28
United StatesfrostyZKTimothy Ly2021-06-28
United StatesLeviathanAGAleko Gabuniya2021-06-28

Noble eSports Indian Roster

The Noble India Team is now known as XTZ Esports, whose roster members are listed below.

  • Harshhh (Harsh Arora)
  • hikkA (Shakir Razak)
  • Psy (Simar Sethi)
  • SSSami (Sami Ar Rahman)
  • Rexy (Tejas Kotian) [Former]
Noble Valorant - Indian LineUp

Noble eSports VCT Performance

Noble games in VCT weren’t lackluster by any means, where they succeeded in besting several Tier A teams several times. Besides becoming the champions of multiple third-party Valorant eSports events, NobleGG was twice among the top 3 teams in NSGL=: Summer Championship events.

However, their total winnings were lower than $7k, especially after losing against team 100 Thieves in NA VCT Challengers 1 Stage 3 Open Qualifier in 2021.

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Noble GG Dropped out of VCT

It wasn’t late before the noble esports scandal news spread concerning taking away earnings from its players. The earnings were as low as 8% of actual prize money, based on a report sent by NJRecon to MLG. The same scenarios also unfolded for the Noble India team, subsequently resulting in disbandment.

Most players from Noble GG have already joined the TSM Valorant team or academy, effectively making the team immaterial.


Q. Did Noble VALORANT disband?

Noble Valorant disbanded after the reports of its roster members being paid an extremely less portion of their actual earnings went viral on social media.

Q. What happened to Noble Valorant?

The noble Valorant team disbanded in July 2021 and has since not returned to date.

Q. Is Noble Leviathan Joining TSM?

Yes, Noble Leviathan Valorant player was picked by TSM in July 2021, who continues his active team member position.

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