Yoru Buff Valorant Patch Notes 4.04 Brings Major Changes!

Valorant Developers consistently deliver game updates that help make the gameplay balanced for every player and agent. The Yoru buff Valorant Patch notes 4.04 are a testament to it. But, does the Yoru rework Valorant changes crack the Meta again?

Yoru Buff Valorant Needs For Meta Gameplay

Upon the Yoru Valorant agent launch, he already possessed distinctive abilities and skillset mechanics essential for a duelist. Yet, he remained less desirable in eSports due to his seemingly inept abilities at challenging other Valorant Duelists.

Fans observed the same throughout the EPs and Acts after him arriving with Valorant Episode 2, released on January 12th, 2021. Since then, Yoru’s pick rate barely soared over 5%, which was a concerning matter for the developers & the community.

Although his release allowed MMR queues with all 5 Duelists picks, his skills couldn’t bear the brunt of Duelist responsibilities.

yoru buff valorant

Yoru Mains Pick Purposes

Besides forming an all Duelist team in Valorant, which isn’t any bit ideal for any or all maps, Yoru was essentially a troll. His pick would be ruled on the decision of making flashy moves and throwing games, even by notable streamers. It increased to the stage where insta-locking Yoru in the agent selection screen meant other members pressed Alt+F4.

His two primary but less refined or less rewarding abilities were responsible for such decisions.

Yoru’s Abilities Demanded A Rework

Yoru Signature Ability – Gatecrash (E)

Enemies could easily spot Yoru Valorant agent approaching them or when he was in the vicinity, rendering its enigma useless. Not only was he limited in the movement speed department even after engaging his ability, but his fakeouts were also easily discernable.

Yoru Ultimate Ability – Dimensional Drift (X)

The significant factor that downgraded engaging the Dimensional Drift ability was his inability to employ other skills simultaneously. In addition to it, the unequip speed was slower, along with casting delay and limiting his LOS to nearsightedness.

Yoru Abilities Cost & Incomplete Implementation

Yoru’s invulnerability lasted for 8.5s, but the slower unequip rate made it useless to evade challenging situations. Similarly, the cost of his stun ability was higher than most agents with the same skills, whereas the fakeout was too cheap.

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Yoru Buff Valorant Rework Developer Notes

The reasons mentioned above were presented willfully by the global valorant gamers community to Riot on various occasions. Fortunately, Valorant developers have never been non-interactive or indifferent to its playerbase demands or wishes.

Hence, they identified the players’ concerns as valid and released notes regarding working on Yoru Valorant Agent Fixes.

yoru buff valorant

Yoru Rework Valorant Changes to Feature by Patch 4.03 Release

Valorant Game Character Designer Ryan “Rycoux” Cousart mentions Yoru’s reworks aim at having the agent possess an overall stronger baseline abilities kit value. The changes would help deliver higher impacts per round on engaging them besides providing better tools for tricking opponents.

In their State Of The Agents blog post, the developers mentioned the following reworks concerning Yoru gameplay in valorant.

  • Gatecrash Ability will not make Yoru detectable from afar, with movement speed increment by 20%, making him faster.
  • Yoru could activate tether from longer distances for triggering fake teleport with similar SFX as originally teleporting.
  • Fakeout Yoru’s ability will be discernible for allies to prevent confusion while being indistinguishable from enemies.
  • Yoru would cast other abilities simultaneously in Dimensional Drift Run with nearsightedness removal.
  • Dimensional Drift casting ability is subjected to casting delay to prevent invulnerability, visible as a Frame on casting.

Yoru Buff Valorant Meta Redefined!

Valorant Devs delivered all the worthwhile changes demanded by the Yoru Main Players globally with the EP 4 Act Valorant Patch 4.04.

Resultantly, the changes indeed create ripples into the Valorant Meta, making his abilities-kit stronger, even against Controllers.

Yoru Rework Valorant Changes

Fakeout (C)

  • Charges count lowered from 2 >>> 1.
  • Decoy HP life increased to 150 HP.
    • Decoy is Now a Full Running Yoru, only sent forward.
  • Stationary Decoy placement is now possible using Right-Click.
    • Decoy activation to run forward is similar to engaging footsteps.
  • Taking damage from enemy weapons makes Fakeout Yoru charge towards them straight and explode after a slight delay.
  • Enemies within the Fakeout cone are flashed.
yoru buff valorant - Fakeout

Gatecrash (E)

  • Charges count increased from 1 >>> 2.
  • Charge Cost adjusted to 200 Credits.
  • Cooldown Charge replaced with 2-kills reset charge.
  • Faking Gatecrash is possible using F while hovering the mouse over its beacon.
  • Fake Teleport features VFX & SFX alike actual teleportation.
  • Teleport beacon time reduced from 1.5s >>> 0.5s.
  • In-game Teleport beacon sound audibleness reduced from 22.5m >>> 12.5m.
  • Teleport beacon speed gains an increment of 675 >>> 800.
  • Fake teleport activation presents a decal on the floor, indicating the teleport location lasting 30s.

Dimensional Drift (X)

  • Ability duration increased from 8s >>> 10s.
  • Yoru will remain concealed to enemies.
  • Unequip delay timer increased from 0.6s >>> 1.2s.
  • Yoru can simultaneously cast all other utilities when Ultimate is active.
  • Yoru’s footsteps are now audible only within 15m of his vicinity.
  • Cast delay implemented on engaging Ultimate Ability, preventing invulnerability upon casting.
 Dimensional drift

Final Words

The collective Yoru changes Valorant rework offers Yoru mains plenty of opportunities to make him shine in Ranked games. While its effects are pending to be seen in Pro ESports Valorant games, they’ve certainly changed the Global Valorant Meta for good.


Q. Will Yoru get a buff Valorant?

Yoru was expected to receive a buff with the 4.03 Valorant patch release, but instead, it arrived with the 4.04 patch updates.

Q. What is the new Yoru Buff Valorant?

The Yoru Buffs allow him better ways to use his Fake Out and Gate Crash abilities, while Dimensional Drift can now access them all simultaneously.

Q. Is Yoru good in Valorant?

Yoru was the least picked Valorant agent in the game’s history, but it’s changing after the launch of Valorant 4.04 patch updates.

Q. What are the Yoru changes?

Yoru Changes feature numerous buffs to his abilities-kit, and you can read about them in valorant patch notes 4.

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