Why Dodge Lotus Valorant Map: 5 Reasons Everyone Hates Lotus!

Why Dodge Lotus Valorant Map? – Three Spike Sites + Revolving Doors

Before you proceed with dodging Lotus, remind yourself that it will possibly be assigned again.

dodge lotus valorant

So what are your options?

Well, a few, but if you frequently dodge Lotus in Valorant based on the listed reasons or others, check out the listed solutions. At least one of the listed solutions should work out for you.

5 Reasons To Hate Lotus Map & Dodge it In Valorant

Lotus is the second Valorant map to feature three spike sites, and it’s beautifully made, too, yet it’s dodged often. Do you agree with these listed reasons to hate the Lotus map?

dodge lotus valorant

1. Big Map

Rotation in Lotus can be a pain since it’s one of the biggest maps in the game. Many players are tired of rotating from A to C or vice versa. But did you know that it all can be easily remedied?


Stack heavy on B site, so rotating to either side is easier, and choose to play retake than all-out defense.

2. Controller-Focused

On big maps like Breeze, Lotus, and Pearl, it is vital to play one Controller in your team at the least. Having a Viper or Harbor can make things easier, no matter which side you play.

For Attackers, the controller utilities can disrupt the Defender’s line of sight, and for the latter, the abilities can limit a spike rush.


Play a Controller, ask someone to play Brimstone, or play him yourself if nobody is willing to play Viper, Astra, or Harbor.

3. Attacker-Sided

It is not ideal to rule every map in Valorant as either Attacker Sided or Defender Sided. Many times, the respective match outcomes arise from the gameplay. If you play well as Attackers, you can still win on a Defender-Sided map and vice versa.

attacker lotus valorant


If you feel spread out as Defenders, play retake rather than defending the spike site with your life.

4. Revolving Doors

Lotus is the first map in Valorant to feature revolving doors, and it’s pretty well implemented. Indeed, the revolving doors were bugged initially after the launch, but they are all patched already.

So, if you frequently die at the revolving doors, try different strategies and shuffle them up.


Gauge how enemies play around revolving doors. Sometimes, it’s ideal to step back and pause for a beat rather than rushing in guns blazing. Use doors multiple times before choosing to enter to confuse enemies.

5. OP at A Stairs

Another common reason why players dodge Lotus Valorant map is their fear of getting OP shots at A Main/Stairs. Hey, it is pretty reasonable to worry about something you have not overcome, but with the help of your team, you can counter it.


Let Brimstone or any controller smoke the A Stairs area to obstruct the long line of sight.

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The solutions should ideally work out, perhaps if not in each scenario, then individually. Furthermore, remember to improvise when they don’t because being quick on your feet can be rewarding in the game. Good luck!

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