Games Like Valorant – 10 Games to Play If You Love Valorant

Valorant is a popular Free For All First Person Shooter on the market with millions of monthly players. Its reputation is building up steadily by the efforts of its developers and the community that admires it dearly. However, if you find yourself bored of Playing Valorant or want to play other games like Valorant, then take a look at the list below!

Play Ten Fun FPS Games Like Valorant!

The list of games mentioned below includes some top-grossing game titles that resemble Valorant gameplay in one way or another. Yet, it’s worth noting that some of these games aren’t FFA and will need to be purchased separately.

Regardless of such differences, all these games like Valorant can provide hours of fun FPS gaming sessions and more!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Why – FFA Classic Tactical FPS Experience

Despite being over a decade old, it offers the purest tactical FPS gameplay, with its previous installment going further back.

The game is fairly simple to install and play while offering globally known maps and a competitive player base. You can also run it on Linux & Mac systems via the Steam Game Client, making it your first choice for playing games like valorant.

CS-GO Games Like Valorant

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Why – Various Game Modes with baseline Attackers vs Defenders scenario

The well-known installment from Tom Clancy easily climbed the ranks to become the most played & streamed game during its launch. The gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege, though it retains the FPS essence, adds to it by allowing players to choose different playable characters with unique abilities.

If you’re just getting started to play this game, we recommend downloading it from its official website. Sometimes you may also receive special rewards and specific items that you can equip to gain an advantage.

Rainbow Six Siege Games Like Valorant


Why – Phenomenal Third Person Shooter with Sci-Fi world & Psychic Powers

Enter the world of Supernatural and Sci-Fi environments where Jesse Faden is on the quest of unlocking unbelievable secrets. Infiltrate into the Federal Bureau of Control & take on enemies using super abilities and gunplay that will keep you gripped.

The multiple set of abilities available with Jesse keep the game exciting and thrilling as you combat through different levels. Amidst the action, make a note to marvel at the host of other characters that serve to give an edge to this AAA title.

Control Games Like Valorant

Escape from Tarkov

Why – Ultimate tactical FPS survival game with realistic graphics

Norvinsk is an unforgiving land where you’ll have to fend for yourself against weather, strangers, and Private Paramilitary Organizations. While trying to get less caught up in gathering equipment for escaping, prevent dying at all costs.

There are no do-overs. A bullet is enough to kill you and reset your progress. Sure, you may save your game state, but the danger is always just around the corner. Try this game to live a hardcore survival FPS experience which somewhat differs from most games like valorant.

Escape from tarkov Games Like Valorant


Why – Diverse set of Characters with Abilities offering immersive combats in an FPS gameplay

Defy the laws of physics and use Sci-Fi guns as you play against soldiers, adventurers, oddities, and scientists. The world is your battleground, so gather up your teammates to face lethal abilities and dangerous opponents whose singular goal is victory.

It is popularly deemed among the closest relatable games like valorant due to having 32 different characters possessing unique abilities. Furthermore, it also supports crossplay. Thus, no matter who your ally or opponent is, the game will be a battle for survival.


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Apex Legends

Why – A Fun Battle Royale AAA title offering FPS gameplay and uniquely varying Characters

The free-to-play and crossplay support, along with the introduction of seasons, has kept the game fresh. While most battle royale games are losing popularity, Apex Legends can be your go-to game to experience highly agile FPS action without fall damage.

The game flourishes by featuring ability upgrades, newer playable characters, and different environments. Together, these aspects make it a highly immersive and addictive battle royale game ever to exist.

Apex Legends


Why – Numerous eccentric characters with  abilities, surreal weapons in a tactical FPS package

If you specifically seek similar experiences offering games like valorant, then Paladins will fit your bill perfectly. While some might appreciate the prettier graphics of Valorant, Paladin takes it to another realm, making everything fast-paced and flashier.

Spend hours combating different enemies across a fantasy landscape, with unconventional guns and abilities, all from your seat’s comfort.


The Outer Worlds

Why – Role-Playing gameplay combined with FPS Combat in an aesthetically pleasing environment

Progress through the game story with surprises and unexpected encounters that makes you question your reality. Explore beautifully pleasing landscapes and abstract structures, organisms, etc., while the narrative steers you uniquely to an ever-changing fate.

The futuristic aspect of the game will draw you in sooner than you realize as you battle your way to preserve your life state. Above all, survive, if only you can!

The Outer Worlds

Titanfall 2

Why – High Impact FPS gunplay aligned with the multiplayer mode in a Modern Futuristic Setting

Compete against global players hailing from different backgrounds as soldiers and war machines with the objective to conquer it all. Unlock giant mechas and fatal weapons to race your way to victory but watch out for parallel counter fire.

Anyone after games like valorant with a little more modernism and high-quality, impactful FPS gameplay should definitely try this game. Try if you can, to keep it down, at your own risk.


Star Wars Battlefront – 2

Why – Multiple Player Classes with Unique Abilities and iconic gunplay in a Third Person Shooter

Make your way through the Battlefront and earn points to improve your skills. Encounter huge oppression against your hero depending on the player class you pick to obtain enjoyable abilities. Progress with grit and courage to unlock characters and different levels so you can eventually play as Master Yoda or Luke Skywalker. May the force surround you!

Star Wars Battlefront - 2

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The Takeaway

Other noteworthy games like valorant that offer seemingly similar FPS experiences include titles like Borderlands 3, Team Fortress 2, etc. So be sure to try these games to explore different game combat scenarios until you return to Valorant again. Happy Gaming!

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