Valorant Fracture META Agents

Valorant is growing its player base by keeping the gameplay fresh via the introduction of new agents, maps, and updates. Among the updates that usually contain bug fixes, developers are also known to include valorant agent nerfs & buffs. Such changes derive the establishment of a new valorant meta, which is true for the Valorant Fracture Meta.

What is Valorant META?

Valorant META refers to the usage of standard gameplay strategies, weapons, and agents that maximize the potential of winning. The development of valorant meta can require spending several game hours to recognize a pattern in the outcomes. Based on the result, the valorant meta is defined for agents and weapons for a particular map.

However, the valorant meta does not remain static because it keeps changing with new patch updates. Developers implement these changes to keep the game balanced so that each player can have an equal opportunity for scoring. The necessity of these changes is determined from data acquired from dual sources, namely the community and in-game statistics.

Valorant META Agents Role

Valorant Agents’ roles and abilities are at the core of the game and the gunplay. For an agent to possess abilities that can easily overpower other players can be an injustice to others. Hence, it is crucial to appropriately manage the Valorant Meta agents role based on the skillset they offer.

Yet, on some valorant maps, it’s always possible for some valorant agents to shine better than others. For instance, Viper is a meta agent for playing the Icebox map, or Sova is essentially a key player when playing Ascent.

Similarly, let’s find out about the Valorant meta for Fracture, the newest Valorant map introduced from Valorant Patch 3.06.

Valorant Fracture Map Meta

Valorant Fracture META Agents

Fracture is Valorant’s newest map, featuring a unique premise that deviates from the norm for most maps in FPS games.

On Fracture, the defenders spawn at the center of the map, with attackers spawning on either side. Moreover, the map features a ropeway and a tunnel, using which players can travel between different sides of the map.

Such elements on a map add up to make the gameplay on it pretty challenging for in-experienced players. Thus, presenting a need to establish a Valorant Fracture Map Meta. So, here are the best valorant agents you can pick as Valorant Fracture Map Meta to raise your chances of winning.


The most explosive player in Valorant remains a META valorant agent despite numerous nerfs in the past. Raze’s skill set allows her extraordinary movement while her abilities support her true Duelist nature, which can benefit players on Fracture.

Her cluster grenades are perfect for clearing tricky corners, while her boombot can conveniently make way for a site invasion. Her cluster grenades can easily clear the blind spots on A Site and B Site, while her ultimate can wipe out pretty much the entire enemy team from A site.

Valorant Fracture Map Meta


Often accused of being a maverick agent, Reyna is self-capable on any map due to her collective abilities. How she benefits a team is merely a matter of how the player effectively uses her to invade a site. Should a player be familiar with using her Leer and Devour ability correctly, she can easily reward Aces.

On Fracture, she gets plenty of opportunities to shine her Leer ability. The expanse of the map and a lack of confined spaces (except at the center) make it her playground, especially when the spike sites A & B feature more than two entries.

Valorant Fracture Map Meta

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Being one of the controversial valorant agents among the entire lineup, he can be exemplary on the Fracture map. His fake footsteps and gatecrash abilities are perfect for Fracture, which features spike sites A and B opposite to each other.

He can convincingly fake a plant or invasion by himself or scout a site with complete ease via his ultimate ability. Moreover, his ability to teleport out of difficult situations to an alternate location on the map can prove to be extremely useful.

Valorant Fracture Map Meta


Viper is proving to be a META Agent for any large map on Valorant. Though initially, her pick rate was minimal, she’s now an indispensable agent for many players. Her toxic screen is just one of the abilities that can change a game completely.

Her orb and toxin vial can separately yet effectively prevent a push from the enemy team on any particular site. Such plays can counter the need to use an agent that can place smokes like Omen or Brimstone.

Valorant Fracture Map Meta


The Australian valorant agent received a significant nerf in the 3.06 patch, but it doesn’t limit her worthiness. Skye’s ability to scout corners can be advantageous when pushing or retaking Site A or Site B. Add to it, her Guiding light ability, which can pretty much blind everyone on a site (due to site geometry), can work to the team’s benefit.

While one might argue that the use of Seekers cannot help vastly in a map large as Fracture, it can still help pinpoint enemy team members’ polar locations. At the same time, her seekers are perfect for distracting the defenders when they’re full stacking on a particular site, round after round.



The shadow agent of Valorant can be a force to reckon with on a map like Fracture. His one Shadow Orb can pretty much conceal the good half of a spike site, while his Ultimate Ability of Shadow travel can help him unflinchingly jump from a spike site to another when required.

Furthermore, his paranoia ability can help ambush the defenders or tunnel vision attackers pushing Site B from the stairway. Ultimately, his abilities can work to his benefit and the team when skilled players main as Omen.


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Valorant Meta FTW

The Valorant Fracture Map Meta for the win also includes other agents like Killjoy, Breach, and Phoenix. However, their application by an inexperienced player can be two-dimensional on the map, making it difficult to convert the outcome to a win. Regardless, you can expect the Valorant Meta to change again with the arrival of the new patch, bringing the Episode 3 Act 3 and a new Valorant agent! GLHF!

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