How to Defend in a Valorant Game? – Tips & Tricks!

You could analyze all of your Valorant games to check your mistakes that lead to losses during matches. But, those who don’t have the resources or luxury to record their games could focus on improving their valorant defense. Learning How to Defend in Valorant is a major requirement, should you like to rank up from Low Elo Hell.

How To Defend in Valorant Games?

One could look at numerous guides for valorant defense tips, and all of them would essentially ask you to focus on the aspects of your gameplay like doing lurk, watching flank, etc. So, let’s briefly look into them.

Preparing Lurk

Whether you’re going full send to spike site or pushing an area with your team, have a teammate watching lurks. Or better yet, be the one to perform lurks, like occupying and clearing the Kitchen area by entering through the tube on the Valorant Icebox map.

Lurking - How to defend in Valorant

Similarly, for the Haven map, while your team is pushing the A site, have a teammate perform a lurk on the B site through the window. Lurks make one of the essential valorant defense tips because they help prevent nasty last-minute surprises.

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Holding Flank

It can be hurtful to see one enemy kill your entire team by shooting you and them in the back. Performing such gameplay is a Flank progression, where the enemy pushes onto your position from the same area that you were in the past.

Therefore, watching your 6 in Valorant is the next most essential How to defend in Valorant tips. Often, the player playing Lurk could implement the Flank gameplay, so always have a teammate holding your flank.

Holding Flank How to defend in Valorant

Participation in Duels

Being the top fragging player is fun, but not when you’re carrying the entire team. So, whether you’re a team player or maverick, regardless of it, participate in your teammate’s duels. Double peeking will always be advantageous over wide peeking singularly.

Participation makes the list of valorant defense tips whenever you play a retake or post-plant game scenario. In both conditions, letting your teammates deal with enemies alone while you’re nearly AFK holding an angle on the same site can be detrimental to the team’s victory.

Coordinated Communication

Do you want to get better at playing Valorant by learning How to defend in Valorant? Use Your Comms!

When you fail to use your Communication equipment in Valorant, it’s no fun playing the game for numerous reasons. Firstly, you’re not utilizing the game’s resources to full capacity, and you’re leaving your team without an advantage.

Suppose you fake peeked the Mid area from the tree and spotted a Jett with an Operator on Ascent. As the Defender, mention it to the team! Let your Market-lurking teammate know to watch out for Jett with an OP. Doing so can make your team aware of the enemy’s whereabouts and help form new strategies.

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Final Words

Try to follow the How to defend in Valorant tips on other Valorant Maps from the examples stated above. You could implement those tips regardless of playing as Defenders (Defending Spike Sites, Map Control) or Attackers (Post-Plant Scenarios, Site Push).

So try, and observe your mistakes better to up your Valorant game. GLHF!

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