Valorant Tips Gameplay Guide To Improve Skills

Are you looking for ways to get better at Valorant? Do you want to improve your valorant skills to the pro eSports level? If yes, simply playing Valorant all day wouldn’t help you all that much. Not unless your Valorant Gameplay becomes dynamic by incorporating various Valorant Tips and Tricks.

Valorant is a tactical FPS game where stealth and strategic gameplay holds high importance. For developing Valorant Pro Skills, learning these aspects of the game is equally important besides being decisive on the fly.

So, let’s understand how you can implement them in the Valorant Competitive Mode to improve your KD Ratio & Valorant Rank.

Valorant Gameplay Basics

Whichever Valorant agent you may choose will possess 4 abilities that you can use during the game rounds. Since the Valorant Meta keeps changing, picking the right valorant agent for each map is subject to the Agent Nerfs & Buffs that come with Valorant patches.

Beyond them, the following are the basics of Valorant Gameplay, on which you should pay attention to secure victories.

Valorant Map Control

Bagging a Valorant Round into Victory is not your first goal. That’s just the eventually possible outcome.

For winning, your primary objectives differ based on whether you play as Attackers or Defenders. 

As attackers, your objectives are to either successfully plant the Spike or kill all enemy team players. Likewise, as Defenders, your objectives are to either kill all enemy team players or successfully diffuse the Spike, or both.

To attain either or both your objectives, your primary Valorant strategy should be:

  • Gain Map Control
  • Retain Map Control

Gaining map control will become challenging soon as the round starts for both the teams after the buy round. So, invest wisely in Valorant guns purchase as you’ll also need them for playing Valorant Retake.

Viewing the Valorant Minimap to learn about the presence of allies & enemies can help you immensely during each game round.

Valorant Gameplay

Valorant Gunplay

Though the Valorant game is touted to be heavily reliant on the use of Agent abilities, your gunplay is what will ultimately make all the difference.

Try as possible to tag enemies over rushing for kills instantly.

For improving your chances of making it out alive, peek in pairs or participate in the gun battles of your allies. You can also enact a full team Valorant Stack strategy with your allies when pushing a site or holding it. Doing so will help your team manage the map control better, especially when your team shares unequal firepower.

Remember, you have ample time to fulfill your objectives. Thus, it will be wise if you don’t give away a kill to the enemy within the first 15 seconds.

Valorant Tips & Tricks for Pro eSports Skills

Becoming a pro Valorant player has its caveats. Still, developing the Valorant Pro Skills can be rewarding in several ways, even when you don’t want to game professionally. Without much ado, work on improving the following mentioned qualities of gameplay and game aspects.

Master Reaction Time

Any professional Valorant Player worth their Valorant Pro Skills has an average reaction time of 150 ms or even lesser. It not only aids their gameplay but also helps them bag victories by clutching the round with 0.09s or less. Usually, such scenarios arise during a Valorant Retake.

Otherwise, having a quicker reaction time helps tag enemies faster than they can retract, like when they fake peek.

It won’t happen overnight, but steady progress can get you near 200-250 ms of reaction time. Attaining it will be as good as joining the ranks of Immortal Valorant Players.

Reaction Time Valorant Gameplay

Valorant Crosshair Placement

An essential aspect that beginners overlook in FPS games is their crosshair placement. In Valorant, this is easy to do once you know what to look for in rounds. To improve your Valorant Gameplay, having accurate crosshair placement can make all the difference, especially when you want to score ACE.

To have the proper valorant crosshair placement, look out for the map’s alignment with objects and elements. Remember, every valorant agent height is the same, though spotting Jett or Sage is easier with their hairstyles when you’re on an elevated plane. Accordingly, adjust your crosshair placement to improve your Valorant Gunplay by miles.

Crosshair Placement Valorant Gameplay

Valorant Gun Recoil

If you have previous experience playing FPS games, like Counterstrike, you may be familiar with the crazy recoil upon firing the AKM and other rifles. Valorant also maintains such experience to make the game feel realistic or challenging.

Firstly, check out all the Valorant Guns and use them in the Shooting Arena to gauge their recoil. Each has a distinct gun recoil from Pistols like Sheriff, SMGs like Spectre to Rifles like Vandal, and LMGs like Odin. Figure out their recoil patterns and learn to counter them to improve your Valorant Gunplay.

Trigger Control

You also need to learn trigger discipline when you have a good idea of how the recoil works. It is one of the earliest Valorant Tips taught to all pro players. Having trigger discipline can prevent you from wasting ammunition and prevent you from reloading at opportunistic moments.

Trigger discipline

Moreover, trigger discipline is adamantly essential for Valorant players who play the role of Lurker to dismantle the enemy Valorant Stack present on a site.

Adaptability & Composure

Say your Valorant Retake was a fight to tooth and nail, yet your team still lost. It’s sad, but you gotta move on. It counts among Valorant Tips because the players can outperform their Valorant Gameplay with a calm mental state.

Adapting to the present condition in the game and focusing on the round at hand is crucial in Valorant. Panicking or getting anxious easily makes any player jittery, which ultimately causes them to whiff their aim or headshots.

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Valorant Gameplay Mistakes to Avoid

It might take a while to learn to catch the game action on Valorant Minimap while you’re alive in the round. But at the same time, avoid the following mistakes that hinder your KD ratio or kill count from increasing over the average mark. Frequent Reloading

It’s a reflex reaction to reload your weapon after firing a few bullets. Sadly, this trait learned from playing Battle Royale games is counter useful in tactical shooters. Relieving yourself of this habit is quite possible when you remember two things:

  • 1 or 3 bullets at maximum can score you a kill.
  • Developing Trigger discipline automatically relieves you of this habit.

Although it’s easily among the most common Valorant Tips, forming newer muscle memory can take a while, starting early.


It feels painful to hold the mid-map area and get sniped three times in a row, doesn’t it? Why then would you think it’ll work successfully for the fourth time? Maybe it does, but that’s throwing the game, and your team might report you for sabotaging the game in this way.

The crux of the above reasoning is that you should avoid predictability. Let allies hold the mid for another round while you hold the site or play lurk. Or better yet, peek in pairs and give the sniper their own medicine.

Also, learn to claim such contingencies whenever they present themselves by reading the predictability of the enemy team.

Solo Plays

The activity that spoils the Valorant Gameplay of thousands of players is the make-belief about going solo and following it to the end, handing an easy kill to the enemy. Yes, seeing Valorant Pro Skills of eSports players is courage inspiring but recognize the roles of who does it.

Ideally, only Lurk players play solo. Still, they never run to do so right away as the buy round ends. Watch how the round unfolds, see if the enemy team is in your proximity, then decide if lurking is possible or worth it in the limited time.

Wasting Valorant Agent Abilities

Being calculative when making a Valorant Retake play is paramount to turn around a losing round into a victory. Start by keeping an eye on the Valorant Minimap for the presence of spotted enemies or the use of Valorant Agents abilities in play.


Also, don’t be the player that throws everything they have at the enemy team while standing from the A Link or B Link position. Wasting away your abilities meaninglessly or in the first 30 seconds makes you reliant on your gunplay, or rather helpless to put it harshly.

Let the enemy team do so to disarm them early of their abilities so you can Open the Sky!

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Going AFK

When you know that you’d be unable to finish the match before starting it due to prior commitments, don’t hit play, don’t join the queue, don’t pick your agent. Going AFK in the game takes a toll on your team’s morale and puts them at a disadvantage.

Besides them, doing so can make you face temporary Valorant bans, or doing it frequently can get you banned indefinitely. Additionally, a Valorant remake isn’t possible when you go AFK or leave the game after the 3rd round. So, better don’t queue to avoid RR penalties that can easily drop you down several ranks.

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