How To Dodge Map Queue In Valorant With No Penalty [100% Works]

Do you find Valorant Maps like Fracture, Pearl, and Lotus boring?
Whether You Solo Queue or Multi-Stack the Queue,
Here’s How To Dodge in Valorant Without Penalty!

What is Dodge Map Queue in Valorant?

It is an outcome that occurs when a Valorant player or the queued agents decide to abandon the agent-select queue to skip the map. It can only be performed at the Agent Pick Screen, and Valorant has strict guidelines against doing it purposely.

An alternate reason to Dodge Valorant Map during the Agent Pick Screen is also for when a player is unable to pick the preferred agent due to Insta-lockers. Simultaneously, Valorant players worldwide have also been witnessed to perform it when they are dissatisfied with the selected agents.

How To Dodge in Valorant Without Penalty

Warning for Valorant Agent Pick Dodge Acts

Performing a Valorant Map Queue Dodge is not advised or recommended because it may earn you minor to severe penalties. It may also be possible that your account could receive a temporary ban or even a perma ban in specific cases!

How To Dodge Map Queue In Valorant With No Penalty?

It is not recommended or advised to dodge Valorant Map because it can have lasting effects on your MMR ranking. The act of performing a Valorant Map Queue Dodge, in essence, hurts the matchmaking system. Successfully repeating a Valorant Map Dodge further contributes to negatively impacting the MMR ranking – a cause for getting stuck in Valorant Low Elo Hell.

To effectively Dodge in Valorant without Penalty, only one of the following scenarios must be true. Otherwise, earning a negative marking on your Valorant Account is inevitable.

  • Failing to pick or lock a Valorant Agent at the Valorant Agent Select Screen.
  • The Enemy or Opponent team has decided to dodge the Valorant Map.

When either of them is true, using Alt + F4 at the agent selection screen and restarting the game works well to Dodge In Valorant Without Penalty. Similarly, not selecting an agent may also work, depending on whether half the enemy team may be.

However, performing such an act may only work once per day without receiving any penalty.

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How To Dodge in Valorant Without Penalty

How Many Times Can I Dodge Valorant Map?

In the scenario where both the above conditions are untrue, the Valorant player enacting the Map Queue dodge in Valorant will be initially punished with a warning.

The second time Dodging a Valorant Map Queue will entail receiving a soft ban or better known as a five-minute ban. It basically means that the player that dodged a valorant map for the second time will not be able to start competitive valorant games.

Any players accompanying the soft-banned player in a queue within a lobby will also not be able to queue until the five-minute timer ends.

The Third instance, when a player chooses to Dodge Map Queue In Valorant and does so successfully, could later receive a warning notice with a 24-hour or a week-long ban from Competitive Valorant Game mode. Any subsequent scenarios of repeatedly doing a Valorant Map Queue Dodge will result in a long-term or permanent ban.

Reaching out to the Valorant support team for receiving a ban may also sometimes be inconsequential because they release several warnings before taking stricter measures. So, for any and all attempts at learning How To Dodge In Valorant, it’s comparatively better to play it.

Quick Tips To Avoid A Valorant Agent Pick Dodge Result

  • Do not Instalock a Valorant Agent – Discuss with your allies about which agents they can play best to their abilities and advantage, and pick agents accordingly.
  • Roll with it – Whether or not you’re a new player, learning Valorant is intuitive, as it is to learn various maps. If it’s a new map, ask your team to help you along. If you’re a seasoned player, escaping low elo hell with preferences to play only select maps is slightly unworthy.
  • Different Valorant Game Modes – If you are aware you may not have the timeline to start a competitive match that may extend beyond 35 minutes, it’s better to play other game modes of shorter durations. (e.g., like Spike Rush, Escalation, Snowball Mode, etc.) Such game modes may even feature maps that are being reworked, like Icebox, Breeze, etc.
  • Play With Friends – It is a common practice among different regions of Valorant players to play with their IRL friends. Similarly, playing with friends whom you know digitally only is also okay as long as you communicate with them before picking an agent to avoid wrong picks.

The Takeaway

Dodging Valorant games frequently is a serious offense to the game and is community. Nobody likes to be in the 4v5 team from the first or at the last round, not even in-between. So try to prevent receiving Valorant penalties and bans by choosing wisely! GLHF!

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