How to Play Valorant Snowball Mode

The Valorant Snowball Mode is available only for a limited time, and it arrives without any prior announcements. It’s one of the game modes that rotates annually between replication and escalation.

Players engage in a 5v5 team deathmatch in a snowball match where the first team to score 50 points wins. But unlike a typical deathmatch, it allows players to pick their respective valorant agents. So, let’s see how to play the Valorant Snowball game to the best of your ability!

Valorant Snowball Mode Explained

Unlike a deathmatch where players can purchase valorant guns, the players in Snowball mode get a snowball launcher. It’s a unique weapon limited only to this game mode, and it cannot be acquired in other game modes. Players use this weapon to shoot snowball projectiles on enemies with limited travel time and drop rate.

Although the weapon provides unlimited ammunition with short reloads, its firing rate of snowballs is limited to one per shot. Still, every snowball projectile can deal damage of 150 HP. So, beware of getting shot by the harmless-looking snowballs!

But that’s not all. The Snowball mode in valorant grants up to 900 XP per win and features Gift Rifts and Portals. These featurettes drop gift items that you can shoot to collect Power-up orbs.

Valorant Snowball Mode

What are the Valorant Snowball Mode Power-ups?

There are a total of 4 Power-ups that a player can activate by picking up their respective orbs. Obtaining these orbs is also possible by killing a valorant player that has them active, and they each fulfill a separate function.

  • Growball

 It makes the snowballs grow in size while they’re traveling in the air until their impact.

  • Rapid Fire

Collecting it allows the player to gain an increased firing rate of the Snowballs.

  • Ricochet

Acquiring it makes the snowballs shot by the player bounce off the walls and ground instead of crumbling at impact.

  • Skates

The Skates Power up grants the player increased jump height and movement speed.

Valorant Snowball Mode Powerups

Why Engage in a Valorant Snowball Fight?

The Snowball fight mode in Valorant makes the 5v5 gameplay more fun while also making the gameplay challenging. Bullets of different valorant weapons have a somewhat quicker fire rate and traversing speed, whereas the snowballs are slower to shoot.

Moreover, the game mode allows players to become accurate at aiming and better at strafing. By learning to avoid snowball fights or countering the movement, they can use the same in their unrated or competitive matches.

Additionally, the Snowball Fight mode usually becomes available during the Winter season. So, it also serves as a festive way of investing your time in valorant.

Valorant Snowball Mode Gameplay

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How to Play Snowball Fight in Valorant?

Playing a Snowball Mode in Valorant requires the player to pick the game mode and queue for it using the Play button. At the next screen, choose your agent, and prepare for the match to begin.

Use your weapon to shoot enemy players. Remember, there are no valorant agent abilities that you can use, so rely on aim combined with movement to win.

Valorant Snowball Fight Tips

Typically, one may think that snowball fights are easier, but it’s not always the case, especially with slow allies. Here’s how you can improve your snowball mode gameplay:

  • Keep moving to avoid stray snowball impacts.
  • Watch out for crosshair placement angles and avoid them to skip impact from stray fire.
  • Don’t get baited by the lure of Power-up Orbs. Collect only when ideal.
  • Straying away from your team can easily get you cornered between multiple enemies, so stick together.
  • Avoid body blocking your teammates by maintaining enough distance between you and them for free movement.
  • Shoot at Head level and try to secure Corners and Angles but keep moving.
  • Aim for impact over solely aiming for accuracy. The shots you don’t take are the shots you’ll surely miss.

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The Takeaway

The Valorant Snowball Mode can be fun to play for hours, but remember to switch back when it becomes tedious. Have fun with the Snowball mode, take it lightly or go berserk. But, above all, Happy Gaming!

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