How to Play Valorant Deathmatch For Better Aim

The tactical FPS game Valorant is favored by millions of global Valorant players for its various game modes. Among the seven different Valorant game modes, the Valorant Deathmatch is a favorite and for several reasons.

Firstly, the Deathmatch game mode is free-to-play, and it can be incredibly refreshing after or before starting Valorant Competitive games. Let’s see why.

Valorant Deathmatch Mode Explained

The Deathmatch game mode in Valorant is accessible from the game’s home screen. A player can start the Deathmatch mode by selecting it from the top tab and clicking on the Play button.

The Deathmatch mode includes 40 players who each combat each other to be the 1st to score 40 points. Whoever is the first to score 40 points or have the highest score wins the game round. Every successful player kill is converted into one point and so on.

A Valorant Player gets unlimited credits & respawns in the Deathmatch, the former of which they can use to purchase weapons. After scoring a kill, the dead player leaves behind a + that the player should obtain to refill their HP & Ammunition. It’s also possible for other players to get it, so be quick on your feet or use that to lure other players.

[Note: Valorant agent abilities or the option to pick Valorant agent is not yet available in Deathmatch.]

Why Play the Valorant Deathmatch mode?

The Valorant Deathmatch game mode is mainly played to practice and improve the aiming abilities and gun recoil. On the other hand, players also initiate a deathmatch for friendly contests or for refreshing their mental state after Unrated or Competitive matches.

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How to Play Valorant Deathmatch Mode?

Playing the Deathmatch is easy. Use the Game modes tab to access the Deathmatch and click on Play. After successfully queuing and entering the map, purchase your desired weapon and get ready to shoot valorant players on sight!

Valorant Deathmatch

Valorant Deathmatch Gameplay Tips for Better Aim

Many Valorant players use the deathmatch mode to practice their gameplay. However, they do so without knowing How to play deathmatch to improve their Aim.

Here’s how to Play Deathmatch to improve your gameplay:

  • Don’t rush to collect the + left behind after scoring kill(s).
  • Try to stay alive and practice strafing and counter strafing to avoid bullets.
  • Keep rotating in one area of the map to get better chances of scoring kills.
  • Camping in Deathmatch will not help you score more points.
  • Aim for headshots but don’t shy from spraying or using the run-and-gun tactic.
  • Stealing kills by participating in third-party battles can earn you more kills quicker.
  • Try different guns but don’t hope for a gun like Stinger to score kills for you from a target 60m away.
  • Pick your weapon appropriately or switch your valorant gun on the go.
Valorant Deathmatch

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The Takeaway

The Deathmatch can be incredibly fun to play at any hour of the day or night. But, remember that quitting a deathmatch will not grant you XP, which is obtained only when you complete the round. Formerly, quitting a Deathmatch penalized players with a temporary queuing ban. However, it’s no longer the same. Still, going AFK in a deathmatch will disqualify you from the round!

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