How do you Dodge a Valorant Game Match Queue?

Playing Valorant is fun when you can pick agents of your choice to combat across 7 different maps. But, playing Split and Bind multiple times in a row is known to take the life out of the games for most players. The same is also true for the Ascent map, which is why players want to learn how to dodge in valorant.

It’s a no-brainer. Why play something that you don’t like? While it was ideal that a map like Fracture was separately playable upon its initial release, no such arrangements exist for playing select maps. So, what can a valorant player do when they get the same maps in a row? Also, is dodging valorant map good for your rankings? Let’s learn!

How to dodge

Why Dodge Valorant Match Queue?

There are a few reasons behind the cause of players wanting to learn How to dodge Valorant queue. Incidentally, 90% of them arise out of the desire not to play the Split map.

It is believed that the Split map is a defender-side map. Meaning, whichever team first plays as defenders will have the upper hand from the get-go. But, the same is also said for Bind and Ascent. So, one can agree that the main reason to dodge valorant match queue is to discard natural selection.

Yet, another reason why a valorant player dodges match queues is because of insta-locking agents. The act of insta-locking is basically picking an agent like Jett as soon as the Agent picking queue appears. Such activity is known to cause dismay between random allies and naturally makes a player skip Valorant queue.

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Can You Dodge Match Queues in all Valorant Game Modes?

Usually, the activity of how to dodge in Valorant is only practiced when queuing for a Competitive Valorant game. But, lately, players have been known to dodge maps like Split, Bind, and Ascent, even in Spike Mode. While this is frowned upon, it does not seem that there’s any solution for it yet.

how to dodge in valorant

How to Dodge Valorant Match Queue?

So, learning How to dodge Valorant match queue demands nothing specific, except not locking an agent at the agent pick screen. It is that simple to dodge valorant match queue.

Although it’s a matter of free will, doing it in excess may get you temporarily banned from queuing. Doing it multiple times in a row may even get you a permanent ban, regardless of your Valorant Rank and previous RR points.

Moreover, the random allies you are teamed with may also report you for it. So, beware not to overdo it, or ideally, don’t do it at all.

how to dodge in valorant

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Dodge Valorant Queue Solution?

Depending on where you live, if you face match dodging multiple times in a row, you can switch to an alternate server. It can also be done when you get the same maps in repetition. However, be sure to check the ping and latency of the server before queuing. Happy Gaming and GLHF!

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