How to Restart Valorant Game Client

Are you running into Valorant Client problems instead of Running into Valorant Agents? Worry not, because we have the quickest solution for how to restart game client. Using this method, you can get your Valorant game running in pretty much no time! (as long as there aren’t any server-side connectivity issues)

Speaking of connection problems, read below the reasons when how to restart valorant game client works as the ultimate solution.

how to restart valorant game client

How to Restart Valorant Game Client – Solved!

Wanting to run the Valorant game simply is the last thing you need on any day, maybe also the first? (Anyone?) However, your system can be the culprit sometimes, or it can be the Valorant Riot client that has failed to initialize. The latter usually occurs due to a change in specific system settings ( Read in Jett’s Voice: Your Fault!)

But, before we make the Valorant Game Client restart again, let’s verify a few things:

  • Your system is connected to a working internet connection.
  • Check if your Game Files aren’t deleted recently (We know you didn’t rage quit, we hope)
  • Manual tampering with Game Files (Prepare to get Banned)
  • When everything is intact, just the game client keeps crashing. Read below.

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Methods to Restart Valorant Game Client

For any and all the above methods except a dysfunctional internet connection, do the following to restart your Valorant Client:

  • Run the New Valorant Client
  • Let the game download and subsequently install any pending updates.
  • Try to run the Valorant Game

 When the above method fails to start the game, do the following:

  • Click on the Player Icon at the top right corner of Valorant Game Client.
  • Access the Settings option.
  • Navigate to the Valorant section and Click on Repair.
  • The game client should automatically repair game files & restart itself.

Try running the game.

When to Use How to Restart Valorant Game Client

After you still fail to run the Valorant by using How to restart the Valorant Game Client, try this:

  • Right-Click on the Vanguard icon from the taskbar and select Exit Vanguard.
  • Launch the VALORANT.EXE from your Desktop.
  • When you encounter an error message, restart the Vanguard service from XX.
  • Run the Valorant Game Client Again.

Restart Valorant Game Client: Hard Reset!

Warning! Using this method to restart the Game client may damage your game’s system files or your PC.

  • When all else fails, use the combination ALT + F4 to force quit the Valorant Game Client.
  • Restart the Client using the desktop shortcut, i.e., VALORANT.EXE

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The Takeaway

Before you proceed to uninstall your Valorant game to reinstall it, for whichever reason is tied to connectivity, restart Valorant. It can fix most game launch issues by simply restarting the Valorant game client. Should you still face valorant connection errors, check the Valorant server status on the official website.

You may need to select your Valorant game region. By doing this, you can view any unresolved game server issues. Just don’t jump the gun. Happy Gaming, GLFH!

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