Valorant Connection Error – How To Fix It Quickly?

Valorant uses a Game client that connects the users with the game server using their Riot ID credentials. Often, the game client cannot establish a stable connection with the server or is unresponsive. Such occasions report a valorant connection error to the user. However, such instances occur only in two, nay, three scenarios.

  • Unstable Internet Connection
  • Valorant Game Server is Updating/Under Maintenance
  • Broken Valorant Game Files

Yes, contrary to the popular belief, Valorant servers are quite efficient in establishing a game connection or remaining stable. However, sometimes things do go bumping the game that can be solved using a valorant error fix.

valorant connection error

Valorant Connection Error & Fix

The Valorant game developers have assigned specific valorant error codes to particular kinds of errors. These codes help distinguish between the type of error a user may face while accessing the game.

The typical Valorant Connection Error that the user may encounter will produce the following error codes:

  • Valorant Error 31
  • Valorant Error 33
  • Valorant Error 39
  • Valorant Error 43
  • Valorant Error 52

Valorant Error Fix Steps

For each of the abovementioned Valorant Error codes, here are the common  valorant error fixes that you can try:

Firstly, check on the Valorant Server Status Page whether the game service is active or facing problems in your region. If the game does not present any messages regarding maintenance notice or server issues, proceed to try the steps below.

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Restart the Valorant Game

Simply quitting the game & relaunching it when you see any connection errors works perfectly 45% of the time. The reason why such errors are fixed this way is unknown. But hey, if a simple game reset can get you back in the game, why not!

Restart Your Computer

Although it is the oldest fix in the book for practically everything involving technology, it does work effectively. Similar to restarting your game, restarting the computer and relaunching valorant can solve your problem.

Here we do have an answer as to why it helps. It re-triggers the Riot Vanguard Service upon a restart. Works almost over 50% times because the game client will not launch properly without that service running in the background.

Flush the DNS Cache

  • Press Windows Key + R
  • Type CMD and press Enter.
  • Input the following commands one by one and hit the designated key:
    • ipconfig /flushdns + Enter
    • ipconfig /registerdns + Enter
    • ipconfig /release + Enter
    • ipconfig /renew + Enter
    • netsh winsock reset + Enter
  • Restart your computer system
  • Launch VALORANT.EXE from your Desktop.
valorant connection error

Repair Valorant Game Client

Riot introduced the new Valorant Game client with the new valorant update 3.08, which boasts a redesigned UI. After launching it, here’s how you can repair it:

  • Open your Windows File Explorer by pressing the Windows Key + E
  • Navigate to the following URL: C:\Riot Games\Riot Client
  • Launch the RiotClentServices.exe by double-clicking on it.
  • Select Valorant under the My Games Section.
  • Click on the User Profile Icon on the top right corner of the Riot games client.
  • Now click on the Settings > Repair.

Valorant Support Team

When you’ve confirmed the game servers are running properly, the last option that you have is contacting Valorant Team Support. Write to them about your game connection issues and raise a ticket for a valorant error fix. You will usually obtain a response from them in about 24 hours from the ticket submission time or earliest. GLHF!

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