Flash Tips Valorant Agents – You Didn’t Heard Before!

The potential of Valorant as an eSports title is growing steadily with every passing month since its launch. It is a free-to-play FPS tactical shooter that has significantly evolved ahead of its humble origins. The game now features sixteen unique valorant agents and seven competitive valorant maps. So, if you want to get better at it, here is a brilliant Flash Tips Valorant Agents Guide to help you win!

Flash Tips Valorant Agents: Why They Matter?

Players often make the mistake of not playing to the best of their judgment and abilities when contesting a spike site. Regardless of who you’re up against, the attackers or defenders, you need to have a team member that can produce flashes of blinding light.

It will work exponentially well if you’re that teammate because blinding enemies can accomplish multiple things at once. Beyond the uses, blinding enemy players also helps protect the team members or rescue them from a clutch situation.

Moreover, flash tips valorant agents techniques can also work to bait the opponents into pre-defined strategies. Their execution can provide long benefits, well after the completion of your 12th valorant game round!

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Agents Flash Tips Valorant Agents

Flash Tips Valorant Agents Techniques

If you may not be familiar with all the pro valorant moves, you can still get by via these flash tips, as they’re your best form of offense and defense. Essentially, the valorant flash tips applications can serve to turn the tables on your enemies. It may furthermore help you potentially get ACEs and CLUTCH various game rounds.

Peak Altitude

The first Flash Tips Valorant Agents ability concerns with never sticking your flashes to eye level. Seriously, most players who follow optimal crosshair placement will spam you through it instantly as you flash and turn. Secondly, you’ll also end up blinding any teammate(s) who are behind you when pushing or re-taking a site.

So, when possible, remember to flash at a level little below the ideal crosshair placement or downright to the ground. A primary reason why such flashes can help is by making the enemy instinctively look down or away.


A Valorant player is not shy of losing his sight to the aftermath of ‘Blinding lights’ as vision recovers. However, your team will cuss you out for it because your theatrics will probably get them killed.

So, please make a habit of announcing your flash ability or learning to time it with your teammate’s ability. Use the voice comms for the love of Phantom, especially when inducing a flash!

It’s never fun to blind all ten valorant players on any site and then shoot at a whim, only to later die from incessant bullet spam.

Turn Around My Friend, Turn Around

Ever walked right into a valorant flash? Ever seen Skye’s bird with a strange allure to the point of losing your sight? No? YES? Then teach your mind to look away!👏 Turn around!👏

Most players aren’t aware of this Flash Tips Valorant Agents smart move. By simply looking away from a flash, you will be less blinded and can also restore your vision quicker. Alternatively, you can also hold a cover position (as you should) to retreat into it when you suspect the opponent will induce a flash. Then walk out and get one over them. It’s that easy! 🤷‍♂️

Map Architecture

We know you love to knife the walls and everything in proximity before the round starts. Don’t. Instead, pay a little more attention to the tiny map details hereon. After you’ve gained a familiarity with the map, you’ll have EUREKA moments about using your flash wisely – by bouncing it off of the floor or the roof or the walls!

KAY/O’s flash and flashes by Phoenix, Breach, Yoru, etc., are perfect opportunities for you to try hitting your flashes in the said manner. Your team will start seeing you in a different light. Believe us!

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Double Full Send

No, we aren’t asking you to march straight into a site with your abilities leading your way. That works only in 0.02% of situations. This Valorant flash tip demands that you introduce a second flash in tow with the first one, but only a second or half a second later.

It will daze your enemies that have taken cover who are ready to barge their crosshairs on your fragile heads. Reyna’s Leer often follows this method of flashing a site, so why won’t you learn from the Empress?

Flash Tips Valorant Agents Guide

Practicing playing with different valorant agents is a key criterion to become worthy or capable of dreaming of a silver rank. Really, if you see an agent before you, regarding whose abilities you’re completely clueless, you’ll typically have less than 2 seconds to shoot their head unless they take yours first.

Now, imagine that an unfamiliar agent has blinded you and then came forth to gently knife you in the head, really a proud moment, isn’t it? Right. Then start playing with these agents to learn who can produce which valorant flash and how.


Often, the opponent’s team can’t be missing a valorant agent that can shine a flash. For any Phoenix agent mains, the Flash Tips Valorant Agents 101 for you is to use the Curve Ball ability around walls or elevated areas. While you do that, make sure you’re close to a space where you can engage in a cover position.

Stick your valorant flashes a Lil low or Pretty high, and let them be the fly on the wall. That’s before you start to get creative with your ways. Over time you’ll begin to flash horizontally and in ‘hell’ while jumping from haven.

Phoenix Flash Tips Valorant Agents


Breach mains, we won’t forgive you, and we’ll instead wish you an in-game jiggle peek death if you continually blind us with the flashpoint ability. Communicate with your team before inducing a flash, and always flash at either higher or lower elevations, please.

Also, sticking to corners will favor you to throw the “intensity intensifies” flashpoint better than doing it two operators away or on the back of the head of your teammate.

Breach Flash Tips Valorant Agents


Valorant Players who demand a nerf or a buff to this cracked and the scuffed agent will also need to adhere to the following mentioned Flash Tips Valorant Agents moves.

Use the Blindside at tilted angles on the walls or bounce it off the roof, but please avoid the floor as opponents can counter it relatively easily. Moving straightforwardly past it and renders it useless while earning you anywhere between 4 to 12 bullets in the head.

Yoru Flash Tips Valorant Agents


His Flash/Drive flash ability can potentially make any agent blind. Your best bet to use his flash drive is when you’re pushing a site or in the moments when the Jett is dashing or Raze is busy jumping around the area.

Remember to use the right-click to throw it in proximity for a flash-peek-kill move or the typical left-click for making Late Sir Kobe proud.

Kayo Flash Tips Valorant Agents


Her Guiding Light Ability was far too cracked to allow opponents to get stunned easily and shot within less than three seconds. That’s changed with the new valorant patch 3.06. Still, you can make the best of her binding ability.

Her Flash Tips Valorant Agents ability or Guiding Light can be sent farther than her position. Use it to your advantage to help your team when the enemies are converging on an area. Alternatively, use it so that it can blind maximum agents (not including your teammates). Do a comms check before you initiate it. Your team would appreciate it.

Skye Valorant


The silent stealth master is never so silent with his abilities so be sure to time it, especially when using the Paranoia ability. By no means should it be considered a flash, except it can potentially cut enemy players’ long line of sight when they get in contact with the field of Paranoia.

Flashing the Tree area on Haven or the B Yellow and A Screen on Icebox are good examples of using his ability for the greater good of yourself and your team. Bonus points if you employ a Dark Cover to protect the sight of your team doubling down on the blind opponents.

Omen Valorant


Her Leer ability is truly a fantastic innovation on the part of the developers and game creators. Using it to push sites can work flawlessly, mainly when you and your teammate introduce it right after another.

One of the best Flash Tips Valorant Agents for Reyna’s Leer ability is to release it over higher ground in bigger maps only. Alternatively, utilizing the Leer Ability while playing the retake of a site or a smaller map should follow releasing the Leer towards the ground. Doing so would either make enemies shoot it away or risk spamming your surroundings while blind.

Reyna Valorant

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The Takeaway

Making the best out of Flash Tips Valorant Agents Abilities is both simple and effective when you utilize them instinctively and with trickery. Do not get into overthinking about playing it differently, as that could lose you the window of opportunity of taking down your enemies.

It’s never glorious to die with a flash in hand. Instead, it is more honorable to die with a knife in hand.

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