Futuristic Magepunk Valorant Skin Bundles – Don’t Miss It!

Valorant skins are a delight for every player of the game, regardless of whether they purchase them or not. Besides serving an aesthetic purpose, it’s rumored that some skins contain an aimbot, but that’s whole different speculation. The same has also been said about the Magepunk Valorant Bundle Skins. But, irrespective of the truth, it has been exceedingly adored by Valorant Players globally.

As of December 2021, there are over 397 Valorant skins, including every weapon skin from melee knife to Odin. Each of these skins is categorized into five editions depicted in the table below with their respective cost.

Select875 VP
Deluxe1275 VP
Premium1775 VP
Exclusive2175 VP | 2675 VP
Ultra2475 VP

The Famed Valorant Magepunk Bundle!

An announcement of the Magepunk Bundle in Valorant was made in EP3, whose introduction instantly made it the most awaited. The Magepunk Price was 7100 VP, which may seem steep, but it’s appropriate for its Edition Class – Premium.

Magepunk Valorant Bundle Contents

As usual, Players could expect multiple items when they purchase a bundle, and the Magepunk delivers all the same. Players indeed get the option to buy each bundle item separately for their respective costs, as listed below.

magepunk valorant 1.0

Magepunk Weapon Skins:

  • Magepunk Melee | Electroblade – (Cost – 3550 VP)
  • Magepunk Ghost – (Cost – 1775 VP)
  • Magepunk Spectre – (Cost – 1775 VP)
  • Magepunk Bucky – (Cost – 1775 VP)
  • Magepunk Marshal – (Cost – 1775 VP)

Magepunk Collection Items:

  • Magepunk Gun Buddy – (Cost – 475 VP)
  • Magepunk Player Card – (Cost – 375 VP)
  • Magepunk Spray – (Cost – 325 VP)

Magepunk Valorant Items Upgrades

All weapons available within the Magepunk bundle featured 4 levels of upgrades (except Melee) that users could unlock with Radianite Points.

Level 1: Variant (Color – Green, Purple, Orange) – (Cost – 15 RP – per variant)

Level 2: VFX – (Cost – 10 RP)

Level 3: Animation – (Cost – 10 RP)

Level 4: Finisher – (Cost – 10 RP)

magepunk valorant Upgrades

Community Reception

The bundle made exceedingly good sales, being one of the many exclusive game items featuring modern design & functionality. Players socially compared these Valorant skins to other games like CSGO, Apex Legends, etc. but ultimately crowned Valorant.

Still, fans did desire the bundle to feature the Magepunk  Phantom or Magepunk Vandal after enjoying the Magepunk Spectre. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be honored, but you can expect to be surprised by Riot. It is because they launched Magepunk 2.0 a few months later.

Valorant Magepunk 2.0 Bundle!

Yes, the Magepunk bundle success brought back the 2.0 bundle. It can be seen as a reward from Riot for its global player base, offering them a chance to purchase it again. While the Magepunk Price of the bundle remained the same (7100 VP), it was named as Magepunk 2.0 Bundle.

The contents of the Magepunk 2.0 Bundle were similar to the previous release of the bundle in terms of style. However, the new skins were available for the following weapons & items:

magepunk valorant 2.0

Magepunk 2.0 Weapon Skins:

  • Magepunk Melee | Shock Gauntlet – (Cost – 3550 VP)
  • Magepunk Sheriff – (Cost – 1775 VP)
  • Magepunk Ares – (Cost – 1775 VP)
  • Magepunk Guardian – (Cost – 1775 VP)
  • Magepunk Operator – (Cost – 1775 VP)

Magepunk 2.0 Collection Items:

  • Magepunk EP3 Buddy – (Cost – 475 VP)
  • Magepunk EP3 Player Card – (Cost – 375 VP)
  • Magepunk EP3 Spray – (Cost – 325 VP)

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Magepunk Valorant Items Upgrades

The weapons available within the Magepunk 2.0 bundle also featured 4 levels of upgrades (except Melee). Players could unlock them each using the available Radianite Points or purchasing Radianite Points.

Level 1: Variant (Color – Green, Pink, Orange) – (Cost – 15 RP – per variant)

Level 2: VFX – (Cost – 10 RP)

Level 3: Animation – (Cost – 10 RP)

Level 4: Finisher – (Cost – 10 RP)


Purchase Magepunk Valorant Bundle Items Today!

Have you missed the opportunity to get the Magepunk Bundle(s)?

Don’t worry. You can still get its weapons skins from two official sources!

Valorant Store

Check your Valorant Store daily to catch exclusive weapon discounts on weapons from different editions. Depending on your luck, you could grab a Magepunk weapon skin from the discounted store section for approximately 1500 VP.

The discounted store is accessible directly beneath the currently featured Valorant Gun Bundle.

Valorant Night Market

The Valorant Night Market arrives unannounced, but you could expect it to come around every three months or so. Again, depending on your luck, you may find the Magepunk Weapon items here for a hefty 20%-40% discount!

Note: Players couldn’t obtain other bundle items like sprays, player cards, and gun buddies from these channels.

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