Valorant Night Market – Dates, Skins & More!

Valorant is no stranger to the demands of its enormous player base who admires its efforts to introduce new items. From featuring unique Valorant Agents to an utterly innovative map, valorant is ticking all the right boxes. The sale of a variety of valorant night market skins reflects their wise decisions that benefit the game and players. Let’s see how!

What is a Valorant Night Market?

The early adopters of the game may be familiar with the valorant night market skins option but let’s re-introduce it.

The Night Market is a special valorant sale that lists unique gun skins to players at a low cost. It offers six valorant gun skins at discounted prices so that players can purchase them without paying a hefty sum. Now, while it appears a fantastic opportunity to get exclusive valorant gun skins, there’s a catch.

No, the prices aren’t predetermined, nor do you pay hidden costs. The catch is that It arrives unannounced and is limited only for a short period. Moreover, the night market also offers some rare collectible items that are no longer available for purchase through the store.

Essentially, it is a wonderful opportunity for players to obtain collectible valorant weapon skins that may be available at random.

How to Access a Valorant Night Market?

Accessing the Valorant Night Market is quite simple when it becomes available.

  • Open Valorant game
  • On the Home screen, click on the rectangle icon next to the Store option.
  • Once the Night Market Opens, you will see six hidden cards.
Valorant Night Market
  • Open the Cards one after another by clicking on them.
  • You should now see the Night Market appear in the manner depicted below.
Valorant Night Market
  • Now, you can use your Night Market the same as the store to buy Valorant skins on sale!

Note: The collection of gun skins visible in Night Market might differ from player to player. There is no guarantee that two players shall have all or even one similar item in their Night Market.

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Valorant Night Market Skins – February 2022

The Latest Valorant Night Market is live within the EP4 ACT1 as of 10th February, 2022.

Avid fans of the game admire its existence, as it allows them to purchase exclusive gun skins at discounted prices. Previously it was speculated that the Valorant Night Market would appear in January. However, Riot brought the Lunar Celebration Event Rewards earlier this month, along with Tigris Skin Bundle.

Valorant Night Market

The Night Market is always different for every player in terms of the gun skins it features. So, be sure to check out yours and get what you like or need.

Guns that are usually sold around 2500 VP could be available for as low as 1550 VP and so on. Although it’s rare to get Ultra-level gun skins in the Night Market, it’s not unheard of in the community. But, you get the chance to grab all this only for 12 days, starting today. So, Remember to make the most of it!

The Next Valroant Night Market arrives unannounced, but fans could expect the next one in June 2022 as per its feature history.

Most Awaited Valorant Skins

The best thing about the skins in the valorant night market is that they’re sometimes inclusive of additional VFX elements. For instance, the Singularity Bundle weapons that are no longer available for purchase can feature in the night market. Along with them, players who purchase such skins can unlock its VFX elements using Radianite Points.

Similarly, there are plenty of weapon skins that a player can unlock and buy via valorant night market purchase. Still, it’s known that only those skins that are at least two months old since their release may be available. So, yes, anyone hoping to get the spectrum valorant skins might have to wait a tad longer.

Regardless, it preferably features Exclusive, and Ultra Edition Valorant skins only, and below listed are their few examples.

Singularity Valorant Night Market

Night Market Ion Skins

The Ion Valorant Gun Skins are the most favorite Valorant Skins of all time. From their design to their animation & VFX, including the Valorant Finisher effect… Ion skins are supreme. Here’s what you might have to pay to get them if they feature in your Night Market valorant sale!

  • Ion Sheriff
    • Actual Cost – 1775 VP
    • Night Market Cost – 1000-1200 VP
  • Ion Bucky
    • Actual Cost – 1775 VP
    • Night Market Cost – 1000-1200 VP
  • Ion Phantom
    • Actual Cost – 1775 VP
    • Night Market Cost – 1000-1200 VP
  • Ion Operator
    • Actual Cost – 1775 VP
    • Night Market Cost – 1000-1200 VP
  • Ion Melee/Knife
    • Actual Cost – 3550 VP
    • Night Market Cost – 1000-1700 VP
Ion Bundle

Night Market Spectrum Skin

The Spectrum Valorant skins are perhaps the most awaited skins in any valorant sale for many reasons. Firstly, they’re developed exclusively in collaboration with Zedd – the globally Famous Music Producer who worked closely with the Valorant designers.

Secondly and thirdly, these skins are designed explicitly with music at their core, and their Finisher effects are truly splendid. So, you can expect these skins to hit the night market after the Valorant Ep 3 Act 3 begins.

  • Spectrum Classic
    • Actual Cost – 2675 Vp
    • Night Market Cost – Yet to be Featured
  • Spectrum Bulldog
    • Actual Cost – 2675 Vp
    • Night Market Cost – Yet to be Featured
  • Spectrum Guardian
    • Actual Cost – 2675 Vp
    • Night Market Cost – Yet to be Featured
  • Spectrum Phantom
    • Actual Cost – 2675 Vp
    • Night Market Cost – Yet to be Featured
  • Spectrum Waveform (Melee)
    • Actual Cost – 5350 Vp
    • Night Market Cost – Yet to be Featured
Spectrum Bundle

Previous Night Market Dates

The night market skins sale has appeared only five times in total up until now. Here’s the list of its previous appearances.

  • 10th December 2020 to 11th January 2021
  • 11th February 2021 to 23rd February 2021
  • 8th April 2021 to 20th April 2021
  • 2nd June 2021 to 15th June 2021
  • 28th July 2021 to 10th August 2021

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The Takeaway

Players expecting the skins to reappear should set their sights on Episode 3 Act 3. It is rumored to feature a new valorant agent, valorant patch 3.09, and a new valorant battlepass!

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