New Valorant Skins – Latest Leaked Skins & More!

The Valorant Lore is already blooming with new leaks and event stories accessible on the Fracture Map. Some Twitter users have already presented the new valorant skins leaked that might arrive shortly. But, according to rumors, those may not arrive until Episode 3 Act 3, which progresses the Valorant Lore.

Despite such ambiguity, let’s check out those leaks, which appear to be quite promising for anyone wanting new Valorant Skins!

Upcoming New Valorant Skins!

Fans can’t wait to get more valorant skins for their different weapons despite the numerous already released skins. Presently, all of the available Valorant guns skins belong to these categories with the listed associated costs:

  • Select – 875 VP
  • Deluxe – 1275 VP
  • Premium – 1775 VP
  • Exclusive – 2175 VP
  • Ultra – 2475 VP

So, ideally, any valorant new skins or leaked valorant skins will belong to either of these editions.

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Nunca Olvidados – Ep 3 Act 2 Valorant Skin Leaks

The game developers are passionate about providing unique content, and it shows with the release of the Nunca Olvidados Bundle.

The clip titled ‘The Kingdom of The Never Forgotten‘ dictates the following verses in the voice of Reyna:

“What last as little as life? Hahaha.

Listen, the night of the soul.

First it whispers, then it talks.

The perpetual is the flame, going out.

That turns glory on, of the reminder of those who pass, and it shines on the voice of who remains.

This is the kingdom of the eternals, where death is the threshold, far away from the heroes.”

From the clip, we can discern little about the Gun bundle. Yet, the official PlayValorant Twitter account has revealed the available skins, along with a unique player card.

Here are the New Valorant Leaked skins that are available on the official Valorant Store:

  • Frenzy – 1275 VP
  • Bulldog – 1275 VP
  • Ares – 1275 VP
  • Vandal – 1275 VP
  • Catrina (Melee) – 2550 VP

Nunca Olvidados Valorant Gun Bundle Cost

The unique aspect about these skins is that they will change appearance in darker areas of the map. It is a first for any valorant skin despite belonging to the Deluxe Edition.

The whole bundle costs only 5100 VP, which is a sweet deal considering the individual worth of each gun skin. Players interested in the Nunca Olvidados gun bundle can buy it until 1st November using VP and regional payment options.

new valorant skins

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Act 3 Ep 3 New Valorant Skins!

Fans are excited for the release of the Act 3 EP 3 beginning on 2nd November. It is rumored to bring a new Valorant agent named Deadeye along with a new Valorant Battlepass. However, there are no new leaks regarding the items in the upcoming Valorant Battlepass. Still, players can expect to receive at least eight exclusive gun skins, according to the history of all battlepass releases.

So watch this space or check out our News Section to learn more about Leaked Skins & Game Content! GLHF!

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