Valorant Battle Royale Is Real or Fake?

Playing Valorant is entertaining or life-draining, depending on which players you ask and where they fall in the Elo Ranks. Jokes apart, the game community is not alien to hearing talks about a Valorant Battle Royale development. But does the Valorant of Riot Games Inc. need a BR title?

What is Battle Royale? Is Valorant Battle Royale Real?

A Battle Royale gameplay consists of 60-100 players jumping on a map to become – the last person standing. Popular titles of this game genre already exist, like Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, etc.

These games’ battle royale map features are similar: find & collect scattered loot and stay away from the ‘Greene’ zone. Above all, survival is the main objective, which isn’t entirely the same with Valorant, being an asymmetric tactical FPS shooter.

valorant battle royale

An Asymmetric tactical FPS game demands players to follow dissimilar objectives. For example, Defenders win by killing all Attackers or defusing the Spike. The Attackers, on the other hand, win by killing all Defenders or Successfully planting the Spike. So, could Valorant Battle Royale become a reality?

Riot Mode Teasing Battle Royale?

Riot Developer conferences are helpful to the game’s community, where they get to engage with each other. In a previous statement from December 2020, Valorant devs already mentioned developing Valorant for consoles and Valorant mobile but shelving those projects.

Still, the Valorant Reddit BR SubThreads are frequently visited by the game community, hoping to hear announcements for riot games battle royale.

As of today, there has been no official announcement for a valorant battle royale release date or valorant mobile. Still, fans expect Riot to develop at least the latter title by December 2024.

Why Valorant Battle Royale Should Never Happen!

Valorant, by itself, is a fantastic game that has amassed great success in a very short period. It consistently has more than 16 million active players monthly. Earning over a Billion dollars in revenue by 2021, the game is one of the top titles on all streaming platforms and game charts. All because it’s not a BR title.

The unique aspect of Valorant is that it brings Agent-based gameplay in a previously accepted tactical FPS genre, famed by CSGO & Rainbow Six Siege.

valorant battle royale - Teased image

Hence, expecting a Valorant battle royale game is somewhat absurd. Still, game community fans can try Other Battle Royale games that feature Character-based BR gameplay.

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Apex Legends

Microsoft developed Apex Legends, and it is free to play on PC and consoles. The game also hosts global and regional eSports tournaments and is regularly streamed by notable personalities like iiTzTimmy, LuLu, Shroud, etc. Players can choose among over 12 unique legends and compete on its exclusive BR map.

Super People Game

Developed by Wonder People and Published by Wonder Games, the Super People Game is available for free on Steam. Although the game is presently in its beta phase, users can sign up for it and play as 12 unique Super Soldiers, like Teleporter, Sniper, Marine, etc. Each Super Soldier owns up to 9 different perks with one Super Ability. (Valorant Much?)

Super People Game

The game is pending its official release but viewing its gameplay, you may start seeing it as everything PUBG could’ve been, which is a good thing for Super People.

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