What is Valorant AFK Rating?

Are you tired of wasting your energy against players that intentionally throw the game and tank your Valorant Rank? Well, Valorant AFK detection has progressed by leaps and bounds in the past year.

Find out how Riot will punish Valorant AFK gamers hereon!

What is Valorant AFK?

AFK is the act of being Away From Keyboard, which is globally common and bad for several reasons. Mostly, it won’t matter in some games when players go AFK, but in Online Multiplayer games, going AFK = Throwing Games.

Valorant is an agent-based tactical FPS game, where going AFK equals loss unless you have a Radiant teammate. In cases when you don’t, your act of going AFK will likely have you reported by your allies and enemies. Besides, when you’re AFK, you’d likely cause your team to lose the round, and subsequently, the game.

Hence “Valorant AFK” is a serious crime to commit. Still, it’s unrealistic to expect a player to stick to the game for several hours at once. Factors such as power cuts, mischievous pets, and similar circumstances could also demand the player to go AFK. So, how can one accurately verify AFK behavior?

Valorant AFK

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Valorant AFK Detection

It’s impossible to predict AFK behavior or verify its authenticity. But, what’s possible is to measure the AFK behavior.

The latest social mechanics of Valorant introduce and implement AFK detection for all its servers and Valorant matches. Regardless of the game mode one might play, going AFK is bad, and now the game will monitor it more effectively than before.

While the Valorant developers are tight-lipped about how exactly it works, naturally, they don’t want players to recognize it. Still, they’ve provided an overview of how AFK detection works.

  • A scalable method for avoiding false AFK detection like penalizing players for holding angles.
  • Active Players with infrequent participation or next to inactive game behavior.
  • Staying inactive for a long time or becoming AFK infrequently in patterns or frequency.
  • Typical game quitters who play a few rounds, go AFK, and return or abandon matches.
  • And other similar scenarios of AFK behavior caused by legit reasons or otherwise.
Valorant AFK

Valorant AFK Punishments

Although the above section mentions how AFK detection works, enacting a fair punishment for different scenarios is tough. So, to avoid unrest & hashtags canceling the Valorant game, here’s how the Valorant AFK punishment can do justice to everyone.

  • AFK Warning
  • Denial from receiving XP Rewards
  • Temporary Ban from Queuing
  • Higher negative RR ratings
  • Permanent Valorant Account Ban
Valorant AFK Progressive Penalties

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How to Reduce Valorant AFK Ratings?

Being wrongly reported several times for being AFK when you have a bad internet connection will be unjust. But, it does spoil the game experience for the rest of the players in the round. So, here’s how you can avoid receiving negative Valorant AFK ratings or reduce your Valorant AFK ratings.

Stable Internet Connection

Get a stable internet connection or switch to another valorant game server offering better latency. Low latency connection can even benefit you to catch perfect snipes, whereas high latency internet makes you appear whiffing shots.

Player One Ready? Before You Queue

Get your business organized before you join the match queue. Please don’t start the game when you have to be somewhere after 40 minutes. There’s always a possibility for Valorant OT or over time. So, account for such scenarios before you commit to a Valorant game.

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