Valorant Betting For Real Money Rewards!

Betting on outcomes has been a long-existing practice in sports. So, why should it be any different for eSports games? That’s right! You can participate in Valorant Betting wagers in numerous ways to make high yield profits. But, where can you make Valorant Bets? Which are the Best Valorant Betting Sites?

What is Valorant Betting?

Placing Valorant Bets refers to putting money on the outcome of a particular scenario within a Valorant Game Match. So, betting on Valorant can be anything from betting on player kills, a team win or loss results, etc.

Primarily, most betting channels offer their registered users to place their bets on Valorant match results. Alternatively, some websites also host public bets where multiple users pool their money, and the winners take it all.

A non-gambling way of betting on Valorant can also be seen on Twitch in the form of Predictions. Users can utilize their Channel Viewership points to bet on the prediction criteria and win according to the results based on the bet ratio.

Valorant Betting

Why Should You Place Bets on Valorant Games?

The simple act of betting involves winning bonus money on the bets you place. Most of the Caribbean and European Valorant Betting functions this way, and here’s why it can be rewarding:

  • Valorant Games take place frequently and throughout the year.
  • Bets can be placed on multiple parameters like frags, win, brackets, etc.
  • Valorant Matches win-criteria for teams is to become the first to win 13 rounds.
  • Valorant Agents’ abilities can turn the tables in the game at any time.
  • Several Valorant pro eSports players have an ex-CSGO professional background.
  • The multiple maps and tournaments across seven regions offer plenty of opportunities.
  • And much more.

Which Valorant Games Offer Best Bet Bonus?

In terms of which Valorant games can offer better bonus money or rewards, you have several options. The various VCT games mentioned below see maximum participation in terms of betting and viewership.

1. Valorant Champions Tournaments: Challengers

Most of the Valorant Bets placed in the matches for these tournaments are on regional teams. The Challengers series happens individually for seven regions, in two stages through the year. Winners of it earn qualification into the VCT Masters event. Thus, such games can see maximum activity within brackets rounds.

2. Valorant Champions Tournaments: Masters

The Masters’ Events happens twice throughout the year and is a global level Valorant LAN games event. Up to the top 4 teams from each region qualify for the VCT Masters brackets, where they play-off against each other in LAN Valorant matches. The bids for these matches are higher, but so is the reward.

3. Valorant Champions Tournaments: Champions

The Final Annual Valorant eSports event is The VCT Champions series, a culmination of all previous Valorant Events. The matches within this tournament offer high-stakes because it’s a worldwide Valorant championship event between sixteen Tier S Valorant teams.

Best Teams For Valorant Betting High Gains!

Multiple Valorant Teams have played phenomenally across the different VCT events, for which they certainly earned numerous prizes. However, the following five teams command definite respect by their history of winning VCT matches.

  1. Team Liquid [EMEA]

The team with arguably the most wins has a roster filled with Radiant Valorant Players from the EU region. From having a supreme ACS of over 260 consistently, the team has proven to pay the worth of its Valorant Bets through their skill and aim. Their performance already appears to surpass their 2021 stats, which earned them over $275,400 in prize money.

Valorant Betting - Best Team Liquid

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  1. Team Fnatic [EMEA]

Although the Fnatic Valorant team came 5th in the VCT Champions Series, it walked away with over $186,000 in earnings in 2021. Its major scorers being Boaster, Magnum, Derek and Mistic have all secured numerous aces, securing their team a place in global Valorant eSports. Currently, they possess a rating of 2040, making them one of the top 10 best Valorant teams in the world.

Team Fnatic - Valorant Betting
  1. Version 1 [NA]

All Valorant Bets were stacked against them in VCT Champions, despite which their stellar performance led them to score big. Their current rating of 2035 is fresh after defeating Sentinels in VCT Challengers 2022, the former VCT Masters champions. Beyond it, their consistent performance in 2022 has made them the NA’s favorite team, akin to OpTic Gaming.

Valorant Betting - Version 1
  1. Gambit Esports [EMEA]

The Russian finalists of VCT Masters defeated all the Valorant Teams in the world to prove their mettle and it shows. Boasting a 95W against 20L is a fine ratio to convince anyone to bet on them if their surprising rating of 2123 isn’t enough. Apart from this, Gambit has earned a hefty $495,638 earning from its Valorant games to date.

  1. OpTic Gaming (Team Envy) [NA]

The team that rules the NA Valorant Scene is none other than Team Envy, who merged with OpTic Gaming. Their performance has been notably exceptional according to their $251,000 career earnings and 2073 team rating. Add to it, the OpTic Gaming roster is no slouch, featuring famed players like yay, FNS, Marved, crashies, and Victor.

Optic Gaming

Honorary mentions also extend to the following teams who also qualified for the VCT Champions Event 2021:

• Sentinels (NA) • Ascend (EMEA) • Cloud 9 (NA)

Vision Strikers (SK) • KRU Esports (LATAM) • Team Vikings (BR)

Top Best Valorant Betting Sites for Legal Profits!

Placing Valorant Bets is usually performed on globally known European Valorant Betting platforms among other smaller platforms across the world. The websites mentioned below are well-known online Valorant betting platforms, offering legal bonuses and varied betting options.

1. GG.Bet

Not to be confused with the platform that tracks Valorant eSports data, the GG.Bet platform works independently. It offers users to bid on valorant matches with different betting criteria, like spike plant, first blood, etc. So, users who seek to enter the Valorant betting scene beyond basic win or loss chances will feel right at home on this platform.


It is the world’s largest online betting platform, offering customized betting solutions with special items and even crypto money. Primarily, its market is based in Europe and may not be legal for US citizens. So for natives where online betting is legal, looking up Valorant bets on the platform can earn them handsome bonuses, as it covers all Valorant games hosted by Riot and third-party sponsors.

3. BetUS

The United States has several states where betting is legal, so natives of the country can use the BetUS platform. It is completely legal and offers its users incentivized bonus gains. New users can also receive up to $50 as a welcome bonus. Moreover, BetUS also allows betting on other eSports Games, as well as minor Valorant Games.

4. BetOnline

It is one of the most visited websites for Valorant betting based on global traffic data. Users can take advantage of the appeasing odds along with engaging in live bets, money lines, or props, chances on the platform. Beyond this, the platform also features live Valorant games coverage, so it serves well for betting on major Valorant events.

Note: The legality of betting differs from country to country based on their policies and Securities Exchange Board norms. Thus, it is recommended to check for the same according to your country of Residence before participating in betting. DownloadValorant and Riot are not responsible for any losses you may occur, including any legal scenarios that may unfold. DownloadValorant does not recommend nor condemn such practices.

Tips on Making Smart Valorant Bets!

Making the correct Valorant Bets can offer you amazing bonuses when you place your money on the right odds. The best valorant betting sites offer users several methods for betting on Valorant games. The following tips state the best ways of betting on Valorant eSports games:

  • Betting on Top Players that perform consistently can earn you easy money by betting on their total game round kills.
  • Valorant Bets made on Tier-S teams can cost more but it also raises their chances of winning you better bonuses.
  • Certain Valorant maps are said to be Attacker sided and vice versa. Thus, it’s vital to check which team first plays which role before placing the bet. Additionally, checking their performance history on the respective map is also beneficial to make wise decisions.
  • Most Valorant Tournaments occurring on National and Global levels offer comparatively better odds, therefore better bonuses.

The Takeaway

The act of Valorant Betting might be illegal in most countries globally. So, do check with the regulations and laws of online betting concerning your native residence before initiating it. Alternatively, wherever it’s legal, the users can bet real money on Valorant eSports games for lucrative bonuses. We recommended that you study the rules and regulations and betting terms before registering or placing your bets. Happy Gaming!


Q. Can you bet on Valorant Masters?

Online eSports Betting websites and platforms allow users to bet on Valorant Masters Game events and others. The users may need to offer upfront payment at the time of registration.

Q. Can you bet on Valorant?

Valorant betting is possible in several ways and most of them exist on the top best valorant betting sites. It’s worthwhile to first do your research on teams or the game before you place your bets.

Q. Where can I place real money bets on VALORANT?

Users can visit numerous Valorant eSports betting websites to play their odds using real money on Valorant games. The list above mentioned top global Valorant betting sites like GG.Bet,, BetUS, etc.

Q. Which esports betting site has the best VALORANT odds?

The Valorant Betting Website odds differ based on various factors so a direct comparison between them is unjust. The factors may also calculate the legality of betting according to the region, so it’s useful to check it first before placing any bets to avoid legal troubles.

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