Valorant Silver Rank – How To Achieve It Quickly?

Hearing Valorant players enjoy competitive games can be rare when they’re stuck in a low elo ranking pool. It is caused when players possessing near similar abilities are matched against players that have higher MMR. Likewise, it can also occur when players with good skills are paired with lower-ranked allies. Such occurrences are common for Valorant Silver Rank Players.

The easiest way to get around such troubles is by joining the Competitive Valorant match queue in a party. The said party of valorant players must have two or more players with a similar rank, or else it creates similar scenarios discussed above.

But what if I’m a solo Valorant Player? No worries, we still have you covered with tips to help you achieve Silver Rank in Valorant Quickly!

Get Silver Rank in Valorant Quickly – Find What Holds You Back!

As a Valorant Player, we understand that you could aim your sights at bagging the maximum number of kills. While that’s an excellent perspective to hold, it can also be what causes you to lose your rank. More often than not, carrying such objectives instead of focusing on winning the game rounds will kill you more times.

Winning game rounds results in winning the match. A Victory ultimately boosts your Valorant Rank!

Whether you’re a Bronze Rank Valorant Player or making your way past the Iron Valorant Rank, focus on these aspects:

  • Map Control
  • Valorant Agent Abilities Management
  • Trigger Control
  • Aggression
  • Teamwork

When you handle these game factors well, you can pretty much easily bag both kills and wins. So, let’s go over these aspects in detail to figure out where you need to improve your gameplay. Doing so will surely put you alongside other Valorant Silver Rank players.

Valorant Silver Rank Achievement Tips

Read about areas where you can improve your gameplay to run toe to toe with other Silver Valorant Players. Added benefits of scoring a higher rank in Valorant include earning more XP from completing missions and winning games.

Map Control

Start noticing how Valorant Players – Defenders and Attackers position themselves on a given map.

Take Icebox, for example.

The Defenders will essentially hold the A Site & A Rafters positions with one or two agents. Simultaneously, another player holds the Kitchen Area, and the rest will stay back at the B Snowman area. It is the standard tactic used by players belonging to the Valorant Silver Rank group.

Based on this strategy, you can figure out their rotation, using which you can structure your gameplay countering it. Remember, acquiring space or area control on a map is more important than running after kills.  Performing the former will indeed grant you the latter in time.

Map-control Valorant Silver rank

Valorant Agent Abilities Management

Speaking of time, the way you use some of the Valorant Agent abilities as soon as the round starts. Stop doing that!

All the Valorant Agent Abilities are fairly unique and diverse. While it will be untrue to call them useless for bagging kills, they merely exist to support your gameplay. It means they exist to help you align your opportunities to frag kills.

Rookie Valorant Players, yes, even you who belong to Bronze rank if you do this, often commit this mistake. It leads them to rely on their gunplay during the later stages of a game round. Likewise, instinctively, let your opponents make this mistake by faking to them a site push or rotations.

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Trigger Control

Do you enjoy watching players lurk on enemies and take out entire teams or key players and bag ACE? Yeah, that requires trigger discipline. It also requires being stealthy with your movements, meaning not giving away your footsteps during a lurk.

On Icebox, being an Attacker, you can exercise your trigger discipline by playing the A Belt position. Do it with one more player and have them fake peeks at A Pipe and return to cover. When the enemies approach to push the A Spawn, hold your turrets until two enemies or their entire team performs the rotation. Then, show them the might of your Vandal/Phantom!

All Silver Rank in Valorant players know this tactic, so use it judiciously and unpredictably.

Trigger Discipline Valorant Silver Rank


Going in guns blazing works only 2 out of 10 times and only when you’re engaging Run it Back or you’re playing as Jett. Under no circumstances you should play aggressive when you’re playing as any other valorant agent, especially when your gun control needs significant improvement.

However, there’s one scenario where this tactic works flawlessly, and that’s when the enemy team plays predictably. For instance, when Killjoy always defends the Bombsite B alone, go full send, guns blazing on the site. Take map control, spread out and voila!


All Valorant Silver Rank players stick by one rule: Don’t go Solo!

Avoid pushing a site alone unless you’re playing lurk & your team supports your play from the other end. It would also be wise to discuss such tactics during the buy round and map rotation tactics simultaneously.

Furthermore, don’t wait in the shadows when your ally takes a gunfight. Support them, participate. At max, you’ll both walk out with one or two deaths or halved healths against two or three kills. Don’t be shy. Support your ally! You’re all in this together!

Teamwork Valorant Silver Rank

Additional Valorant Silver Rank Gameplay Tips

Achieving Silver Rank in Valorant doesn’t require hundreds of hours of gameplay. If you’re doing so, then you’re surely not playing to the best of your abilities.

Here’s what you should additionally do to support the game factors as mentioned above.

  • Focus on the Current Round – Let bygones be bygones.
  • Maintain Game Economy – Don’t force buy every round.
  • Check Pending Ultimate Ability Charges – Of enemies and yours, play accordingly.
  • Perform Map Rotations – Bashing against a full stack is never wise.
  • Prevent Reloading your Weapon every now and then.
  • Notify your team when you’re about to introduce a flash.
  • Run & Gun works best only with Spectre.
  • Save economy so you can buy Full Armor and Rifle in the next round.
  • Swap guns from enemy players when possible – But don’t get baited.

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Final Words

Several more Valorant Silver Rank tips can help you gain the Silver Rank in Valorant quickly. Yet, above all, focus on the round at hand. Victories will follow. GLHF!

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