New Valorant Agent: Chamber +Valorant New Patch Notes 3.10!

Valorant Players love receiving new content, and the developers have again delivered on their promise of a New Valorant Agent. The latest Valorant New Patch 3.10 adds a Sentinel Agent Chamber to the roster with other exciting updates.

Valorant New Patch 3.10 is Global!

The joy of receiving a New Valorant Patch is unparalleled among Valorant players who admire the game’s nearly every aspect. While some updates have been known to cause some issues, the latest one deters from doing so.

It is also synonymous with the release of the New Valorant Agent, whose launch was postponed pending unsolved performance issues. Now, what’s left to see is how he changes the Valorant meta among competitive players and eSports tournaments.

So, let’s first familiarize ourselves with all of his abilities.

Valorant New patch Chamber

New Valorant Agent: Chamber – Abilities Explained!

Hailing from France, the New Valorant Agent boasts of being quite an all-around package for skilled Valorant players. Players obtained a teaser of his appearance, or rather his French accent, during the launch of the Fracture Map. But, developers showcased Chamber Abilities only during the release of the previous patch.

It’s worth learning about his origins and Background, as his existence within Valorant Lore is essential for two reasons.

  • Chamber’s Ultimate ability caused the origins of Fracture.
  • He has a doppelganger, whose whereabouts will likely be discovered in upcoming Episode 4 Act 1.

Origins & Biography

Chamber is a weapons expert carrying a lethal arsenal within his sharp abilities to prevent teams from daring too far. The Valorant New patch mainly includes performance fixes regarding the abilities that assist him in being the precision kill expert. Use him to deter the enemy and confuse them from taking your spike territory or have him lead your flank. The possibilities are endless!

( E ) – Chamber Signature Ability

( E ) Rendezvous

Access Two Anchors and PLACE them at different locations to teleport between them. Players can REACTIVATE it as long as they’re in range to teleport to the secondary location instantaneously. Players can also pick and redeploy it.

( X ) Chamber Ultimate Ability

( X ) Tour de Force

USE for summoning a Custom Sniper Rifle that kills with a direct hit. The kill will also leave a lingering field that slows down players caught within it.

Other Chamber Abilities

( Q ) Headhunter

EQUIP to obtain a Heavy Pistol and use ALT FIRE to view the ADS scope.

( C ) Trademark

PLACE a trap that scans for enemy activity nearby it & delays their movement on detection. Detecting an enemy will make it live to destabilize the nearby terrain with a building lingering in a slowing field.

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Valorant Fracture META Agents

New Valorant Patch 3.10 Bug Fixes & Updates

While there’s no concrete word regarding the launch of Valorant Mobile, updates in Valorant continue to add game improvements. Even after a year of its launch, Valorant developers are keen on delivering the best gameplay experience. It is certainly more than most paid or free games provide and the current patch follows suit.

Valorant Patch Notes: Game Fixes

The developers were made aware of a performance bug that caused a milliseconds input delay in the game fixes department. The concerning topic was picked from Reddit and solved in the following manner:

  • Inconsistent input delay activity caused by gaming over 128+ FPS is fixed.
    • Net/Sim-tick aliasing issue responsible for packets sending rate to dip for players gaming over 128 FPS is resolved.

Valorant Patch Notes: Social Valorant Fixes

  • Bugfix applied to no longer allow players to re-invite other players from the lobby when you already invited them once.

Valorant Patch Notes: eSports Updates

  • Applied a fix for the bug preventing Minimap Zoom for Observers.
  • A bug causing coaches’ inaccessibility of using hotkeys for spectating a player from a deployed agent ability is fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented using Shift+PlayerNumber to pan the cinematic camera over the respective player already being spectated.

New Valorant Patch Competitive Gameplay 

Ensuring a fair gameplay experience while maintaining the delivery of appropriate rewards for players sharing rank disparity is challenging. Yet, the Valorant Patch Notes reflect it’s solved, along with another significant problem that discouraged players from entering the competitive queue.

Valorant Smurf Fix – Ranked Queue Party Stack Adjustments

The act of playing Valorant with friends that share unequal Valorant ranks or huge rank disparity usually leads to experiencing smurfing. Smurfing is when a Higher Rank Valorant Player uses another account and competes with lower-ranked valorant players. Since this disrupts the Fairplay goal that developers idealize, here’s what’ll happen now:

Valorant New patch

All Ranked restrictions from 5-stack parties are removed for the Competitive Queue!

While this is a shocking move, it offers a logical solution to an otherwise impossible task in hindsight. The following examples should familiarize you with the modifications & outcomes in RR delivery for the Competitive queues for 5-stack parties.

  1. When all Players in a Party are under Diamond 2 Rank
  • Extended Queue Times
  • Reduced RR Rank Gains

-> For instance, the rank disparity is of one level where one player is Silver, and another is  Platinum.

Such a case will have the team face a 50% RR reduction.

-> In another instance, the rank disparity is of four where one player is Bronze, and the Highest is Platinum.

Such a case will have the team face a 75% RR reduction.

  1. When One or Many Valorant Players in a Party are Diamond 3 or Higher
  • Almost Indefinitely Longer Queue Times
  • A Minimum of 50% RR Rank Gain Reduction + up to 90% for Higher Rank Disparity

-> For instance, facing team-wide 75% RR reduction where there are 4 Immortal Rank players and 1 Diamond Rank player.

  1. When a Party has One or Many Radiant Players
  • Almost Indefinitely Longer Queue Times
  • Minimum 75% RR Rank Gain Reduction to the complete 5-stack

-> Any Radiant rank player in a Competitive Queue with players below their rank will face a 90% RR Rank reduction.

Additionally, developers have removed 4 stack queue arrangements from the Competitive matches. This modification helps to prevent souring the gameplay experience of the 5th player or the other 4 players.

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The Endgame

The Valorant New patch 3.10 is live with the Chamber Agent, a Sentinel, so the Valorant Meta is bound to change again. It will be worth watching how his gameplay affects the team strategies of eSports Pro Valorant Players and the rest. Make sure that you update your Valorant Game Client to receive the new patch! GLHF!

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