Valorant Error 404 Server Not Found Fixes & Solution

Playing Valorant day & night might be your jam but what can you do when you encounter the Valorant Error 404? Should you be concerned about the integrity of your Valorant System Files or is it just a connection issue? Chances are that it’s the latter, but not always.

Irrespective of it, you can fix the Valorant Server Not Found Error in a few easy steps!

valorant error 404

What is Valorant Error 404?

When the Valorant Game Client cannot establish a secure connection with the regional Valorant Server, it displays the 404 Error. In most cases, the error is displayed instead of the Valorant welcome screen after the game is launched.

Primary Causes of Valorant Server Not Found Error

As with most game-related problems, there are three major causes behind why you may see the 404 Error. So, here’s how to identify them before you enact steps about how to fix valorant error 404.

1. Valorant Servers Under Maintenance

Valorant Devs are working on fixing some issues or patching a new Valorant Update to the Servers. Such reasons are not a cause for worries because, after its completion, your Valorant Game will resume working as usual.

2. Problem Establishing Connectivity

The classic case of a faulty data connection can be the reason you’re prevented from accessing the game as usual. One of the leading culprits leading to such an issue is a VPN service or bad DNS Network Address.

3. System Game Files Issues

Admit it, either your Valorant Game crashed several times, or power failures caused it to shut abruptly. No, who does ever rage quit at all, correct? Either way, your Valorant Game files are toast and they need to be fixed.

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How to Fix Valorant Error 404?

1. Check Valorant Server Maintenance Notice

The number one thing any Valorant player should do when they see the Server Error is to check Riot Server Maintenance Notice. Chances are the devs are working on fixing some bugs, broken elements, initialization issues, etc.

Whichever is the cause for server maintenance, it will be stated to you, yes with transparency about the subject.

2. Ensure Working Data Connection

See if your Data Connection isn’t siphoned off by unwanted apps or by important apps in unwanted ways. To ensure that the valorant server not found error is gone, reset your Data Connection settings with the help of your ISP. 

3. Remove And Reinstall Valorant

When everything else fails and the loop of restarting the system followed by the game, on repeat does nothing, remove and reinstall valorant. Start by uninstalling the Vanguard Service, thereon uninstall the Valorant game, followed by removing personal data folders from your Windows Drive Partition.

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Final Words

Users worried about learning how to fix valorant error 404 shown in Discord can also remove it easily in two ways.

  1. Access Discord Application > User Settings > Activity Settings > Game Overlay:

Toggle Off the Enable in-game overlay Option and Save the Settings Modification.

  1. Use this Keyboard shortcut on the Discord Application Window: “SHIFT + ~

After performing either of the above steps, restart your computer, launch the Discord application followed by launching the Valorant game.

Note: For any additional support related to fixing the 404 Valorant Error, you can contact the Riot Support team by writing to them at any hour. Keep your Riot ID credentials ready to submit a ticket. GLHF!

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