Valorant For Mobile – Release Date, Beta Version, Features!

Valorant is a celebrated tactical FPS game that earned much fame prior to its official release in June 2020. Despite its singular availability on the Windows Platform, it continues to be popular, making the community demand Valorant for Mobile, which is allegedly arriving in June 2022!

A Valorant For Mobile Release?

The onset of mobile version is eagerly anticipated by its global gaming community that has grown to admire the game. Being an agent-based asymmetrical tactical FPS title, Valorant offers plenty of entertaining and exciting gameplay across its seven unique maps.

Hence, expecting similar gameplay on handheld devices has long been a desire of regular valorant players. But is it happening? Do the valorant developers have an answer to such requests to launch game on handheld devices? Indeed, the coverage of Valorant Mobile Beta Release is already available on YouTube and other live stream platforms!

valorant for mobile

Valorant on Mobile: Beta Version is Live!

The Valorant game relies on its unique combination of agent ability kits and pure FPS gunplay to attract players. Using them effectively requires handling computer peripherals like a mouse, keyboard, etc. The game is pending a Console release.

To port an identical Valorant gameplay experience on handheld devices, on the all-touchscreen interface, is quite challenging. Still, during an interview with one of the developers in Dec 2020, a Valorant Beta game was reportedly being developed.

Its rumored launch was expected sometime during 2022’s first or third quarter, but now its beta release is already available to select players since March 2022. However, numerous players still need to wait for the official Valorant iOS and Valorant Android releases, because the beta release is only available in the China region.

valorant for mobile

Valorant Android & iOS: Features

While there hasn’t been proper clarity regarding how the mobile version will mimic the functionality of its Windows counterpart, the new Valorant Mobile leaks showcase it all perfectly. But, the leaks only present a few features that have reportedly been learned from some sources that claim the following to be true:

  • Initially, Valorant will feature only four Valorant Agents.
  • Only one map will be available for the Mobile release.
  • Players might be able to use Controllers to Play Valorant Mobile.
  • The mobile game rounds may be smaller than Valorant PC.
  • Competitive Valorant Game mode will feature later after the official release.
  • Valorant Battlepass will feature on the Mobile version.

Apart from this information, the release of Valorant for Android and iOS devices is anticipated to arrive on 2nd June 2022, along with the 2nd Anniversary of Valorant!

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Valorant on Mobile: Yay or Nay?

Correctly predicting the official release of the Valorant Android & iOS game depends on learning about its development stage. Since the developers have made the Valorant Beta available to users already, its release should follow soon, similar to Valorant PC.

Hence, since the game was said to be in development several months ago, one cannot entirely deny the possibility of its release. Furthermore, you can expect to hear from Valorant developers in June 2022, when it celebrates its 2nd Anniversary.

Until then, Happy gaming!

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