Valorant Controller Support – Can you play Valorant with a Controller?

Valorant is attracting global players from different countries and established eSports gaming titles with its immersive 5v5 tactical FPS gameplay. The launch of Valorant is one of the biggest game drop events on the popular streaming site called Twitch, where more than two hundred thousand viewers tuned into streams of popular broadcasters and ex-CSGO players to obtain Beta access to the game.

Since then, the Valorant has come a long way to feature more than sixteen Valorant Agents and six different maps with more on the way, including the latest Battle Pass slated to be released quite soon.

Still, fans are eager to learn more about Valorant gameplay and whether Valorant Controller Support is finally available after the 3.04 patch that recently fixed some minor bugs and made the queuing system comparatively quicker than before.

Here’s all we know for questions regarding, can you play Valorant with a controller?

Valorant Controller Support

Valorant Controller Support – Yay or Nay?

Valorant currently runs on Windows PC exclusively with the help of its special anti-cheat client called Vanguard, which also helps the game establish a secure server connection. Its existence has prevented the game from suffering the plague of most AAA titles where players have reported cheaters in various matches, performing aim-hacks, wall-hacks, etc.

However, no such instances have been reported in Valorant except for a few isolated cases which were instantly banned (Yes, even during live streams), thereby maintaining the integrity of the game to offer a fair gaming experience to every Valorant player.

While such a feature helps to keep the game at bay from cheaters and modders, it does prevent the game from incorporating several features like third-party Valorant controller support and even cross-platform gameplay with console players. Expecting those features is only possible once the game is successfully ported to Xbox or PlayStation.

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Enable Valorant Controller

Yes, it’s possible to use a controller to play Valorant, but only when users connect an Xbox controller. Still, due to a lack of official controller support, players might miss out on the aim-assist feature that can help level the playing experience with Valorant PC players.

Furthermore, Valorant players will have to use a third-party application to integrate the controller support in the game. This conflicts with the Valorant game policy that implies using third-party applications to tamper with game data or modify the game settings can be punishable with a lifetime ban on the player account.

Valorant Controller Support

With the risk that arises by using a controller for playing Valorant, it’s therefore not ideal to use a controller, regardless of how comfortable you may be using it for playing your favorite FPS games like Call of Duty, Apex Legends, PUBG, etc.

The best option for Valorant players who wish to play the game using a controller is to await the official controller support to avoid losing your account, which may also prevent you from creating other Riot accounts in the future.

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