Valorant Mobile Leaks – Beta Access Clips + Images!

Valorant fans won’t have to wait anymore to see their favorite tactical FPS game release shortly on Mobile Platforms! That’s right. Valorant Mobile leaks are here and by the dozen! Read on to learn about the Valorant Mobile Controls, Valorant Mobile Buy Menu, Valorant Mobile MMR Queue, and more!

Latest Valorant Mobile Leaks – Beta Release!

  • Riot Inc. could bring Valorant Mobile Beta to Top Countries Globally in July 2022!

Valorant Beta Release might arrive soon as July begins, as per a heads up by Shaun Weber. He is a famous gaming reporter and full-time Twitch Streamer who took to his Twitter handle to announce the news.

Since most Valorant players are active on Twitter, like the pro eSports Valorant players, the news likely holds some substance. However, there is no news yet regarding the Valorant Mobile Beta countries’ release list or date.

Another string of the latest Valorant mobile leaks reflects on the app size of Valorant mobile, which is claimed to be 1.8 GB.

Again, since the game is new to the platform, it will only feature select Valroant agents, as mentioned below. Hence, users could expect the Valorant mobile game size to increase over time with new features being introduced to the game.

The long-awaited game Valorant has recently been made available to limited users under its closed beta access. Based on the Valorant Mobile leaks, it’s pretty evident that the game is close to completing its final beta program.

  • No official Valorant Mobile Release date has been announced, yet Riot Inc. may launch it in Summer 2022.

The speculated timeline seems more plausible when we recall that June 2nd, 2020 marks the Valorant Official Release. Hence, the game may arrive for Mobile on its Second Anniversary on June 2nd, 2022.

While it remains unclear when the Valorant Mobile Beta Access will be released globally, it’s already gaining traction. Many Valorant leaks are already available on Youtube and other live streaming platforms, including social networks, so here’s everything!

Valorant Mobile Beta Access Pre-Release Leaks!

Before the Valorant Mobile Release Official Announcement, we already have many leaks about the various game aspects. From which Valorant Agents that will be available to play since launch to news about Valorant Mobile Crossplay, everything’s out!

1. Valorant Mobile Gameplay

The Valorant Mobile gameplay, fortunately, does not diverge from what it offers on the PC platform. Although some users have been playing Valorant on Mac via DownloadValorant tools, the Mobile gameplay appears no different to it.

As you can see above, all the Valorant Agents movements appear fluid and glitch-free, which is fantastic! It’s a quiet achievement for Riot Inc. Games Mobile Dev team to parallel the classic tactical FPS experience on Mobile!

2. Valorant Mobile Buy Menu

Luckily for the fans, everyone’s favorite Valorant weapons (except Judge) are all ported as-is to the Mobile platform. It’s an incredible accomplishment, as the game would not feel the same without them.

Valorant Mobile Leaks

The enthusiasm to play the game on the Mobile platform is shared by several pro eSports Valorant players and other content creators. No doubt, the Valorant Mobile Release will bring its own eSports Global Championship opportunities to its millions of fans.

3. Valorant Mobile Minimap

Based on the Valorant Mobile iOS image leaks, the Minimap visibility is adequately large enough to represent Agent icons. However, it’s yet to be seen how the Valorant Mobile Settings screen appears, including the crosshair sharing feature.

Valorant Mobile Leaks

4. Valroant Agent Select Screen

The leaks showcase the availability of only a handful of Valorant Agents but that should not be a concern. Valorant has already proven to deliver on its promises for releasing new agents and features for its Valorant PC game. So, the Mobile version should follow suit after its official launch.

Valorant Mobile Leaks

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5. Valorant Map Queue

While itThe Valorant Mobile Beta Access misses out on showing the classic Map Loading screen after the agent pick. Fundamentally, it makes no difference, but it will remain to be seen how the Valorant Player Cards work in Valorant Mobile.

The Takeaway!

Until the Official Valorant Mobile Release, fans could expect many game updates and other Valorant Mobile leaks. Simultaneously, don’t forget to check the Valorant New Agent Leaks, supposedly a Valorant Initiator Class addition.

Its release is speculated with the Valorant EP4 ACT 3 release – So check this space for the new Valorant Battlepass updates! Happy Gaming!

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