Valorant Mobile Leaks – Roundup! [Updated 2023]

The wait will soon be over! Check out all the new & latest leaks of Valorant Mobile game – (Project C) Beta – official game release anticipated shortly!

New & Latest Valorant Mobile Game Leaks!

It’s finally time Riot did the impossible once again!

The Twitter leaks community has blessed the game fans with exclusive clips of Valorant mobile gameplay and more!

[P.S. It looks better than Valorant PC game!]
No kidding, these leaks are all the proof you may need!

Scroll at the end to check out the Valorant Mobile Gameplay Leaks + Store Page + Skins!

1. Player Rank Up Animations

If you already liked the Rank Up Animations on Valorant PC, you’ll love what Mobile has to deliver!

1. Immortal Rank-Up Animation

The leak shows how the Rank Up animations will appear on players’ screens. It also confirms that Riot will likely use the same Ranking system on mobile, as it does on PC. So cool, right?

Note: The Tweet Says Radiant – but its Ascendant to Immortal Rank-Up Animation!

2. Deathmatch Gameplay

Here’s how the players will enjoy the Deathmatch game mode on Valorant Mobile!

To be honest, its surprising how similar the gameplay experience of Deathmatch appears on mobile. We expect no less from you, Great Job Riot!

3. Customizable HUD Controls

In Valorant Mobile, its highly essential to for players to get control customizations, and its happening!

Hopefully, its not a long shot to believe the HUD customizations will also use player codes, as it is for Crosshair codes on PC.

The ability to have a floating Valorant mobile Minimap, and Fire buttons, it cannot be anymore perfect!

4. Valorant Mobile Elderflame Bundle

The PC Valorant Gun Skins enjoy a pioneer status in the world of gaming, and so will the Mobile version!

The Elderflame guns on the Mobile platform are a welcoming delight to see! Its all the more proof that Riot will port or develop similar gun skins for Mobile game without a hitch.

5. Valorant Mobile Agent Select Screen

The Agent Select screen looks way better on Mobile game! Right?

The game community on Twitter ( is already in Splits about wanting similar agent select animations on PC. Of course, the Mobile game – (Project C) Beta will keep it unique for each agent!

6. Haven Map Mobile Gameplay

The Haven map looks exactly like it does on PC! 🀯

Of course, PC players will Riot if the Valorant Mobile game gets a Map Selection option!

7. Training Mode Mobile Gameplay

Riot did not forget the highly important Training mode, a.k.a The Practice Range!

8. Valorant Mobile Progression System & Rewards

Riot would likely feature a Valorant Mobile Battlepass with the game release. *RIP Wallet*

9. Agent Inspection Animations

The entire Valorant community loves Sage, no doubt her Inspect animation is leaked first!

10. Valorant Mobile Agent Gameplay

Fans who question if the gameplay of Agent abilities will be the same – here are your answers!

1. Phoenix

2. Yoru

3. Killjoy

4. Raze

It cannot be appreciated enough that Riot is sparing no resources to bring near-equal gameplay experience to its mobile game release. But wait till you see the MVP animations below!

11. MVP Agent Animations

With the Valorant Mobile game – (Project C) Beta – Riot is brining a new feature called MVP agent animations. It will likely appear at the end of a match, and OMG – they look so good!

1. Reyna

This is Riot giving us one more reason to Instalock the favorite Empress in Valorant!

2. Jett

Jett may be nerfed on PC, but goodluck Instalocking Jett on Mobile game!

3. Yoru

Yoru looks dashing as ever, he’d (quietly) like that very much!

4. MVP AnimationsAll Agents

The tweet below contains all the rest of the agent animations on mobile game:

Based on these agent animations, it can be safe to consider mobile game is bringing these 13 agents live!

  1. Raze
  2. Reyna
  3. Brimstone
  4. Yoru
  5. Phoenix
  1. Viper
  2. Killjoy
  3. Cypher
  4. Jett
  1. Chamber
  2. Sova
  3. Sage
  4. Skye

9. Agent Inspection Animations

The entire Valorant community loves Sage, no doubt her Inspect animation leaked first!

Valorant Mobile Leaks – Gameplay

The mobile gameplay clip looks pretty promising in terms of keeping the game’s core mechanics all the same as on PC.

Valorant Mobile Leaks – Store

The Gun Bundle Store, or Store page of mobile game looks nearly same as PC store.

Valorant Mobile Leaks – Skins

The Gun Skins VFX & Upgrades have their own in-game menu on the Mobile game!

The Round Up

Valorant leaks will continue to come as the gameplay tests and developments continue to be made until the official release! Bookmark this page to get the complete new & latest Valorant Mobile Leaks in one place!

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