Is Valorant GO Knife The Best in The Biz?

Owning collectible game items is a favorite pastime of gamers globally, with knives coming at the all-time top! Valorant, the asymmetrical tactical FPS shooter, does offer plenty of them, among which the Valorant GO knife ranks the highest. But why?

Valorant GO Knife – What Makes it Special?

Featuring special knives in FPS games like CSGO, Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, COD, etc., takes a lot of work. The teams involved in making them have to design models, manage their animations, handle scripts, and plenty of other tech stuff. Irrespective of this hierarchy of process, the playerbase of the games decides upon the best skins, and why not?

After all, gun skins benefit both players and devs. The players obtain something unique, and the game devs earn credits. Yet, Valorant exceeds other games in terms of what reaches its players. The Valorant GO Volume 1 bundle is a fine example of it.

Valorant GO knife

The items in the bundle are picked by fan votes, who have grown to admire the Valorant agents. Moreover, the devs made sure to keep the bundle affordable so the community could get special memorabilia. Hence, what makes the Valorant GO skins special is that they’re for the fans, by the fans, and with impressively amazing VFS and SFX in the industry!

All Valorant GO Bundle Items

The Valorant GO Volume 1 was the first of its kind, released in early February 2021. It was only after six-plus months of the game’s release, which is further appealing for the community. The bundle items included gun skins and collection items, but not just any designs.

Valorant GO knife

The Valorant Go bundle items feature Valorant Agents as anime on the weapons and collectibles for 2000 VP. The entire list of items is given below:

  • Sage Ghost (1775 VP)
  • Cypher Guardian (1775 VP)
  • Killjoy Spectre (1775 VP)
  • Reyna Phantom (1775 VP)
  • Jett Knife/Melee (3550 VP) – Level 2: Animation (10 Radianite Points)
  • Jett, Killjoy, Reyna, Sage, and Cypher Gun Buddies (475 VP)
  • Cypher, Jett, Killjoy, Reyna, Sage Player Cards (375 VP)
  • Cypher, Jett, Killjoy, Reyna, Sage Sprays (325 VP)

Valorant GO Volume 2 Bundle Items

Seeing the success and positive reviews from the Valorant community for VOL 1, the devs decided to launch another Valorant Go bundle. Titles Valorant Go 2 or Vol 2, the bundle further featured other items depicting its agents again in anime style. Of course, the bundle came packed with collectible items too at 2000 VP!

Valorant GO knife
  • Viper Classic (1775 VP)
  • Raze Ares (1775 VP)
  • Phoenix Vandal (1775 VP)
  • Sova Operator (1775 VP)
  • Yoru Butterfly Knife/Melee (3550 VP) – Level 2: Animation (10 Radianite Points)
  • Phoenix, Raze, Sova, Viper, and Yoru Gun Buddies (475 VP)
  • Phoenix, Raze, Sova, Viper, and Yoru Cards (375 VP)
  • Phoenix, Raze, Sova, Viper, and Yoru Sprays (325 VP)

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Best Knife In Valorant Ranked!

It wasn’t easy to pick one, but the community polls based on Twitter & Reddit name the following as the best:

  • Valorant GO Knife

The Jett Knife easily takes the first spot, with extra credits for its animation. But, by being featured in the Valorant GO skins, it is the cheapest knife in Valorant, albeit with the best graphics.

  • Valorant Recon Knife (Butterfly)

The Yoru butterfly knife is close, but the Recon bundle butterfly knife wins over it. The Recon knife helps ex-CSGO fans reminisce about the good times and is available in different colors and animations!

  • Valorant Prime Knife (Karambit)

Naturally, the Karambit makes it into the list because it looks fancy and does its task while looking more impressive. The newer update from the 4.02 patch makes the karambit perfect for melee kill lovers.

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Q.    Can you still get Valorant Go knife?

No. You cannot get a Valorant Go Knife unless featured in the Valorant Night Market or Discount Store.

Q.    How much is the Valorant Go 1 knife?

The Valorant GO Jett knife price is 3550 VP.

Q.    How do I get Valorant Go Vol knife?

Watch out for Valorant Night Market Sale, and keep checking your Valorant Store Discount Section.

Q.    What is the most popular knife in Valorant?

Valorant GO Volume 1 Jett Knife is the most popular Valorant knife.

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