What is Valorant Insta Locking?

Valorant is a competitive FPS shooter whose challenging aspects spill beyond the boundaries of its seven maps. Alongside Valorant eSports earning itself a name in the global gaming community, the rivalry for picking Valorant Agents remains high. The rush of doing a Valorant Insta lock when Agent Pick screen appears is unparalleled, maybe more than earning Ace.

But What is Valorant Insta Lock? Could it ultimately affect the game outcome?

Valorant Insta Lock Explained

A player picking & locking a particular Valorant Agent immediately after accessing the Agent Pick screen is called Valorant Insta Locking.

Typical reasons such events occur are that the specific player doesn’t want anyone to play that agent. Yes, it may be a form of narcissism, believing they’re the only best player to play that Valorant agent. But, alternatively, it’s also possible that such players may only know how to play the particular Valorant Agent.

Either way, such acts of Valorant Instalocking affect the game or at least the team synergy, which ultimately drives the outcomes. Let’s see how Valorant instalocking can make your gameplay suffer.

Lost Fragging Opportunities

By picking a specific agent without a thought, you limit yourself the opportunity to play something else, something better. Since Valorant agent abilities differ greatly between agent classes, you might put yourself at a disadvantage by performing a Valorant Insta Lock.

Valorant Insta Lock

Poor Team Morale

Having an arrogant ally thinking they’re the best can be beneficial and unfavorable. For instance, when the said ally fails to bag kills, it surely creates a toxic environment in the team. Ultimately, it affects the performance of every team member (by distraction) and altogether makes the team perform less optimal.

Valorant Insta Lock

Moreover, such instances create a divide between team members, effectively soloing the instalocking ally. Nobody should play valorant like this if at all they care about winning or having fun. Toxic behavior in Valorant is severely punishable.

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Strategic Insufficiency

The Valorant Meta exists for a reason, and it keeps changing for several reasons, for the better. It is necessary to pick Valorant agents strategically at the Agent Pick Opportunity for balanced gameplay.

It’ll be difficult to push a site when your team lacks a duelist, regardless of whether you go full send. Likewise, controllers, sentinels, and initiators are essential in any match round. Imagine playing Split and not having a Smoke Inducing agent like Brimstone, Astra, or Viper!

Valorant Insta Lock

Insta Lock Valorant Agent Gameplay Tips

So, you find yourself without the ability to pick your favorite Valorant agent? What will you do next? No, cursing in the chatbox or via voice isn’t a solution. Maybe you think being toxic works, but here are some alternatives you should consider in an Insta Lock Valorant Agent situation.

Compliment the Agents Classes

When you see Jett insta lock, losing your mind may be instinctual but keep your calm. Pick an agent that can complement her gameplay, so you can help balance your team better while giving your best. Same way, when you’ve lost a Reyna pick, go for an initiator Valorant agent to support her playstyle.

Discuss Agent Picks

Even when you queue with strangers, it’s best to discuss agent picks before locking them. By doing so, you allow players to exercise their free will and secure your chance to have a balanced team. Most Valorant Agents aren’t suitable for every map, so pick wisely.

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Go With The Flow

If dodging a Valorant map might be your thought when you see someone insta lock Valorant agent, please don’t. Not only would it waste everyone’s time, but you may also get reported if you do it more than once. Who knows, you just might be the Agent Diff your team didn’t know they needed!

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