Can We Play Valorant on Linux?

Valorant’s player base is ever-expanding, yet players have to stick to using the Windows OS environment to run the game. Although there have been reports about the Mobile Valorant release by Q4 2024, Valorant Linux support is still unavailable. But could you still run Valorant on Linux distros?

Can You Play Valorant on Linux?

Valorant players have wanted the game to release on other platforms since its launch in June 2020. However, the game is yet not officially supported on Linux or other OS platforms based on Linux.

Unfortunately, Linux users could not enjoy the game, even when the veteran game title CSGO already works flawlessly. Now, it’s not impossible to run game on Linux via different means, but the lack of official support is concerning.

Why is Valorant on Linux Not Playable?

Riot uses Vanguard Service, which is initialized during the system wake time. Its function prevents game files from user modifications and monitors the game client.

Valorant Linux

The Vanguard Riot service runs only on Windows OS systems and could not initialize on any other OS. Hence, without it running in the background, the game client won’t launch or will fail to connect with the servers.

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How to Emulate Valorant on Linux?

Users can perform linux emulation, but it has significant cons that shouldn’t be overlooked. For starters, should the Vanguard service detect the game instance running on a suspicious OS, it may ban the player account!

Players may also be susceptible to receiving a permanent ban, even when all they’re trying to do is run Valorant.

Valorant Linux

Regardless of it, many have tried doing so and have succeeded with mixed results. Unstable FPS game performance, unreliable sound response, and failed server connection are a few errors faced on Linux systems.

Will Valorant Linux Support Arrive Anytime Soon?

It is unknown when valorant linux support will become available or if it is really being developed behind back doors.

Moreover, Windows 11 OS demanding TPM 2.0 processor properties make it more difficult to run game on Linux. Therefore, declaring anything is out of the question. Thus, it would help if you also took any rumors with a pinch of salt.

As to news regarding Valorant releasing on other platforms like consoles and Mobile, stay updated with them here at DownloadValorant.

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Q. Can I play Valorant on Linux?

Playing Valorant on any of the Linux-based platforms is not supported officially. Users who may attempt to run Valorant on it may face ban or game performance issues.

Q. Does Vanguard run on Linux?

Vanguard cannot run on Linux systems and is exclusively available only on the Windows OS platform. One may try to run it on emulated Windows systems, but it’s inconsistent performance may get them banned.

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