Can You Play Valorant on PS5 in 2023-24?

Riot is Ready to Bring Valorant on PS5 in 2024?

valorant on ps5

Valorant PS5 Release – Is it Happening in 2024?

Sony is tight-lipped about its PS5 Pro consoles and perhaps they will arrive with Valorant on PS5 Pro. Its not confirmed by any means, but the playerbase has been hoping for a console release of the game since its initial release.

The only legitimate leaks about Valorant coming to consoles has been an Old Tweet, other than Riot’s Career Listings in November 2022.

Everything We Know So Far About Valorant on PS5

Riot listed a number of jobs for console tech on its website in early November 2022. Among the listings, the requirement for console tech experts struck the attention of data miners.

The duties in the listings required applicants to possess the ability to ship games from different platforms like the Unreal Engine.

At the same time, it should also be learned that these listings arrived before the official leaks of Valorant on Mobile.

‘Console Tech’ Career Listings at Riot

The list only goes far as stating three positions for the following:

  • Staff Software Engineer – Console Tech 
  • Software Engineer III – Console Tech 
  • Staff Software Engineer – Console UI

Based on this data, it appeared Riot may soon bring Valorant on PS5 and PS4 in 2023. However, it unfortunately it didn’t happen while the Xbox game pass is already here!

More to be Revealed

Although previously the Riot team has openly dismissed the rumors of a console release, there are developments ongoing for different platforms. For instance, Valorant Mobile release is almost official, based on the leaks online. So its safe to believe Riot is working to bring the game to new platforms in time.

We are continuing our work on bringing Valorant to new platforms, it’s going slower than we’d hoped, probably slower than you’d hoped, but we want to get it right

Anna Donlon, Executive Producer

However, their efforts to expand their playerbase is not at all by deviating their attention from the PC community that has shown much love to the game since its release. While some players are excited to get Valorant crossplay feature, the devs are focusing on maintaining the true VALORANT experience for both its PC and mobile players.

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Should You Expect Valorant PS5 Beta?

As of October 2023, the Valorant PS5 game release is not official yet and the same is true for PS4. Moreover, there are no rumors or leaks about Valorant Play Station Beta program.

Still, come December, some leaks may fly as Riot bids adeu to an eventful year that has seen VCT Finale and will now behold Game Changers Finale, ISO agent release and sponsor championships.

Valorant on ps5

What is the Valorant PS5 Release Date?

Since Riot is strict about keeping the cheaters away from the game, bringing the anti-cheat client Vanguard seems one of their only hurdles, if nothing more.

So, once success is theirs, the beta programs and the official release should not be far away!

Valorant PC released in China for the first time in July 2023!
Three years after its official June 2020 launch!

To recollect based on the job listing leaks, the game should take a while to develop and some months more once the devs get the personnel they need to port the game. Hence, you may expect the Valorant PS5 release to happen in Q2 or Q3 of 2024!

Valorant game will soon become a multi-platform success.

The Takeaway

Until the official Valorant game release on PS5, its best to get a PC and play it on Windows 11. If you have an apple device, you can also play Valorant on Mac but ensure that you do not tamper with any game files. Try the Free to Play Valorant Game today!

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