Valorant On PS5 – Is Valorant Available For PS5?

The launch of PS5 is one of the most awaited console launches in gaming history, with record-breaking sales robbing the stores of any available stock within minutes. Furthermore, the existence of scalpers has made purchasing the PS5 consoles difficult globally, which has even shut down the option for most marketplaces offering online-only sales of the console.

Regardless of it, if you’ve found yourself owning a PS5, you can now play so many exciting and exclusive games on it, except for one game called Valorant made by Riot games.

Valorant on ps5

Is Valorant on PS5?

It has been one of the most googled questions whether Valorant is available to play on PlayStation consoles, especially after the launch of PS5. It has been reported to offer incredible gaming features with a snappy SSD and a beyond capable graphics processing power that can run demanding AAA game titles at 120fps even in 4K resolution.

While the offered features are surely enticing and perfectly capable of running a game like Valorant, which is less graphically demanding than other game titles, there’s no official announcement of the game releasing anytime soon for console players. Hence, if you stumble by any articles stating a specific Valorant on PS5 dates, then you’ll be misguided.

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Why is Valorant PS5 Not Available?

The Valorant developers have been working on a Valorant console prototype game. Still, they have been facing challenges in implementing its Vanguard software for console gaming as the game is currently exclusively available for the Windows PC platform only.

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Furthermore, it was earlier reported that the game may as well easily run at 120 FPS in modern consoles like PS5 but porting the identical gaming experience is difficult as of now, especially considering the lack of stock of the console in the market. Hence, users are left without a proper denial or approval of the game releasing anytime soon in the upcoming year.

However, the Riot games developers have mentioned that they are working on releasing a mobile version of Valorant to let the gamers conveniently play the game any time from anywhere using a working data connection and compatible devices. Still, there’s no official launch date for the Valorant mobile game either.

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Valorant on ps5

When will Valorant PS5 launch officially?

It is anybody’s guess at this point as to when the Valorant PS5 game will be released officially in the market and whether it will be free to play, same as it is for Windows PC users. Still, it would help if you didn’t get disheartened as the developers are immersed in finding ways to make the game reach a wider user base. They have also organized several Valorant Championship Tournaments throughout the year to assist their vision of making Valorant one of the most successful eSports titles of all time.

If you want to play valorant but don’t presently have a Windows PC, you can still use your macOS systems to play the game. Simply visit the article valorant on mac and follow its instructions to successfully install and play valorant on your Apple MacBook and iMac devices.

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