Valorant Xbox Release Date & News

Valorant is growing to become one of the highest-grossing games in the world since its release in 2020. The Riot games developed eSports title has also organized various global championship events throughout the current year, culminating in December with the VCT Masters Finals rumoredly taking place in LA.

The impressive 5v5 tactical gameplay offered by Valorant is undoubtedly refreshing after witnessing the launch of numerous Battle Royale titles in the previous couple of years which currently are known to suffer from poor audio issues and other bugs.

While those games are all available to play cross-platform, Valorant players and enthusiasts have eagerly awaited its release on consoles, especially the Xbox, which unveiled its new consoles in the previous year. So how can you get Valorant on Xbox?

valorant on xbox

Is Valorant on Xbox?

Riot Games has been in the talks about developing Valorant for other platforms apart from its exclusive Windows PC launch. Still, it reportedly faces challenges in implementing its Vanguard server protocols on different operating systems, including Mac.

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Those awaiting Xbox release for a long time might already have the Xbox game pass, which allows them to play virtually any game for free until their subscription runs. Such a system has proven quite rewarding for Microsoft as their revenues have observed a significant increase after introducing such a facility.

However, no news has surfaced concerning the availability of Valorant on Xbox consoles, old or new. We have previously had a word with one of the game’s developers stating that they’re trying to match the Valorant PC gameplay on consoles. If it doesn’t, the game likely won’t be available for millions of Xbox console users.

So far, no progress report is released regarding the development of prototyping of Valorant on consoles. Hence, fans of the console and the Valorant game have to remain patiently waiting, entertaining themselves with live twitch and YoutTube streams that they can access from their handheld devices, laptops, and computers.

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Valorant on Xbox X & Xbox S Series

Though the PC gaming experience is considered light years ahead compared to the older consoles, that has changed with the arrival of the Xbox S and Xbox X series that natively offers features like auto-resume, high-res 120 fps gameplay, and so on.

Based on such graphical capabilities of the console, achieving 120 fps gameplay on Valorant shouldn’t be difficult, and one of the game developers also affirms that it’s entirely possible to have Valorant run on those high frame rates.

But, the limited release of those consoles or the scalpers who have disrupted the market will likely lead to users not getting the latest Valorant on Xbox gameplay, even if the game releases a console version in the same year.

valorant on xbox

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Final Words

Regardless of the lack of concrete evidence about Valorant releasing on Xbox, fans are encouraged to await its arrival after Riot Games announced that valorant should be released on mobile devices soon. So, having hopes and expectations about Valorant on Xbox is only ideal for the upcoming year.

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