Valorant Spray Patterns You Need to Know!

Valorant is a tactical FPS shooter, like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six Siege, etc. featuring practical weapons essential for combat. The list of available guns in Valorant includes several weapons whose firing abilities range between Auto, Burst, and Single-shot. Therefore, the rifles and pistols in Valorant have their own unique valorant spray patterns.

So, by learning about them, you could understand their recoil and counter it to aim and shoot better effectively.

Valorant Spray Patterns – Learn How to Spray Control Valorant Weapons!

To make all the weapons the same or share similar recoil control would be dull for an FPS-shooter like Valorant. Hence, Valorant does have Spray Control, but it’s more effective when the player themselves perform it whenever firing the weapon.

Valorant Spray Patterns

Managing or balancing the valorant spray patterns depends on the distance between you and your target. So, controlling Valorant spray patterns differs from valorant spray rng or range aside from the weapon you use.

Following are the Valorant weapons whose spray patterns you could counter to perform run & gun kills and other gameplay kills.

1. Frenzy (Pistol)

You get 13 rounds in your Frenzy magazine. Its first four shots sway slightly right and upward, followed by a slight upwards jump that’s more to the right. Countering it is easy.

Valorant Spray Patterns - Frenzy

Drag your mouse down and to the left when spraying for the first six rounds. It may take practice, but it’s better than emptying the mag everywhere except the target.

2. Sheriff (Pistol)

The Sheriff’s firing range is good, but it comes with diminishing returns. For shooting targets within the 50m range, your six consecutive shots will climb up and to the right. Meaning, expect the Sheriff Valorant recoil to kick in after the 1st & 2nd shot, respectively.

Valorant Spray Patterns - Sheriff

Mitigate it by slightly pulling your mouse down right after the first shot. Do the same while moving the mouse slightly to the left for the remaining shots.

3. Stinger (SMG)

It boasts the most unpredictable spray, but that’s not the case for targets within 10m. When firing it afar, remember to sway your mouse low and to the left.

Valorant Spray Patterns - Stinger

Always fire in bursts with this weapon and its recoil control rather than releasing a constant spray. The recoil control curve should follow a mouse movement of a loose ‘L’ shape.

4. Spectre (SMG)

The Spectre spray pattern is a favorite of many Valorant Players because its corrective use can perform run & gun kills. Despite being nerfed in Valorant Patch 4.01, it’s still a useful Valorant weapon that goes Brrrr!

When firing the first half of it, pull your mouse slightly down & left, and hold to score an HS kill. Perform a mirrored ‘7’ shape & retrace it to land your remaining shots appropriately on your target.

5. Bulldog (Burst Rifle)

Only use the auto-fire mode of Bulldog Valorant Weapon when you’re shooting targets between the 20-30 m proximity. Its recoil is still present, though not like the spiked ‘7’ shape after its Valorant Patch 4.01 buff.


Balancing the Bulldog recoil is now easier. Just mirror the inverted ‘7’ shape. Alternatively, you can always use the burst mode, now more accurate after 4.01, for up to 6 shots or two bursts.

6. Guardian (Single-Shot Automatic Rifle)

Guardian is the only challenger after Marshal, offering a single-shot kill advantage, albeit with semi-auto firing capability. The corrections after the 4.01 Valorant patch have improved its recoil.

You can now land two shots consecutively before the recoil jumps up and to the right. Since it’s not a spray weapon, we recommend you fire only a maximum of two shots and use strafing. Doing so could help you get the most out of this lethal weapon.

7. Phantom (Automatic Rifle)

It is touted as the most stable or reliable Valorant weapon, and rightly so. The Phantom spray pattern valorant recoil is quite simple to master, at least for the ten initial rounds.

Valorant Spray Patterns - Phantom

When you want to unload the entire magazine, draw your mouse down & straight with a little left-side flick. It should offer good accuracy until the 20th round, after which you should immediately add an equal right flick. Practice this with focus and instinct, and you’ll form muscle memory in no time.

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8. Vandal (Automatic Rifle)

It is touted as the most heinous weapon (by regular Phantom users), but for everything it offers, don’t miss it. The notoriety or the infamy of the vandal spray pattern discredits its one-shot kill capability, but it’s present.

Valorant Spray Patterns - Vandal

Navigate your mouse downward up to the 17th shot. Now, move it to the right for the next five shots and the left for the remaining shots. It may appear difficult to master, but it’s relatively easy once you get a grip of it.

Bonus Tip: Press & hold the crouch key after firing the first shot until the first five rounds to get a clean HS.

9. Ares (LRMG)

Crouching is your friend when you use Ares, as it offers better accuracy and a smaller recoil. Typically, the Ares Valorant recoil pattern is a stretched ‘S’ like the thunderbolt.

To counter Ares spray recoil, simply make an ‘F’ with your mouse when you’re unleashing 100 bullets on your enemies. Start by firing > dragging to left > pulling down > moving right > dragging to left > again pulling down. Remember, impatience will grossly make you miss your target.

10. Odin (LRMG)

Odin is responsible for introducing and doing the act of crouch-killing famous, which can only be countered with an HS. But that’s when you’re the enemy.


When you’re the one raining Odin bullets on opponents, notice the barrel of Odin when you’re firing it endlessly. Please move your mouse in the opposite direction to counter it by the exact margin of its barrel movement.

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Tips on How to Control Recoil in Valorant Matches

Valorant players have plenty of options for learning or testing their weapon recoil balance. Either you could use software like Aimlab to recoil test game weapons or visit the Shooting Range in the game. Alternatively, you could also make a Custom game and go Full Brrr.

Above all, it’s vital to daily practice Valorant Spray patterns recoil control to form muscle memory. So, are you up to the Challenge?

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