Valorant Vandal Skins Best Collections Till ACT 5 EP 1!

The arrival of the Valorant ACT 5 EP 1 is right around the corner, which progresses the Valorant Lore—brought by the Valorant Patch 5.0 update. Naturally, it will come with the awaited Valorant Game New Map Pearl and other feature updates. Of course, it makes fans eager to get their fingers on the New Valorant Vandal Skins releases, but will they?

A Valorant Leak rumor suggests a Valorant Phoenix Buff and a Valorant Judge Rifle Nerf are on the charts too!

Valorant Vandal Skins
Valorant Map Pearl

How Many Valorant Vandal Skins are in Valorant PC?

Riot Games Inc. has released a total of 38 Vandal Valorant Gun skins, most of which individually feature weapon upgrades up to 4 tiers. The respective upgrades include everything from VFX & SFX effects, inspect animation, custom kill banner, and an exclusive Finisher.

Although the weapon upgrades are another common point of debate for the valorant Vandal vs phantom enthusiasts, the known fact is that the Vandal is a lethal weapon. Hence, some Valorant Vandal Skins were also made available in the Valorant Battlepass for the Valorant Community, as follows:

EP 1 ACT 1 – DOT EXE – Tier 45EP 3 ACT 1 – K-TAC – Tier 25
EP 1 ACT 2 – Hivemind– Tier 25EP 3 ACT 2 – Nitro – Tier 35
EP 1 ACT 3 – Ruin – Tier 45EP 4 ACT 1 – Schema Shift– Tier 45
EP 2 ACT 2 – Cavalier – Tier 25EP 4 ACT 2 – Lycan’s Bane – Tier 25
EP 2 ACT 3 – Depths – Tier 45EP 4 ACT 3 – .SYS – Tier 45

Valorant Players who want to get these Battlepass Vandal Gun Skins are sadly out of luck, but something surely awaits them in the Valroant Store! You can get any of these 38 Valorant Vandal Skins in your Valorant Daily Offers Section or from the Valroant Night Market when it arrives!

So, check out the top Expensive and Community Favorite Vandal Valorant Gun Skins and get them while you can!

valorant vandal gunTop Features Overview
Credits: 2,900Manufacturer: Teknika Firearms
Medium Wall PenetrationRifle Type: Primary / AR
Fire Mode: AutoFire Rate: 9.75 Rounds/Sec @ 585 RPM
Run Speed: 5.4 m/secEquip Speed: 1 sec
1st Shot Spread: 0.25 degReload Speed: 2.5 sec
Magazine: 25Reserve: 75 (3 Magazines)
“A Lethal Weapon built for High Damage, Extended Shots, and One Tap Kills!”

Top Valorant Vandal Gun Skins By Valorant Points or Cost!

There are five weapon skin classes in Valorant, namely Select-edition-icon.png Select, Deluxe-edition-icon.png Deluxe, Premium-edition-icon.png Premium, Exclusive-edition-icon.png Exclusive, and Ultra-edition-icon.png Ultra. Naturally, the costliest of the Valorant Vandal skins belong to the Ultra class, which could be hard to come by, but never impossible. Apart from it, you could acquire all the other Vandal gun skins from the Store Daily Offers section and the Valorant Night Market.

So check the quick overview of the most prized Vandal Valorant gun skins you should grab  ASAP!

1. Elderflame Vandal (Ultra-edition-icon.png)

It is the only Gun Skin in the entire world of FPS games with unmatched excellence and supreme craftsmanship. The Elderflame Vandal takes the crown among all the Valorant Vandal skins or other Valorant skins.

The weapon has a legit fire-spewing dragon head for its muzzle, whose scales light up when firing is a class second to none. The VFX & SFX effects combined with the unmatched reload animation and Finisher are all true to their skin, making it the Tier-S all-time best Vandal weapon to exist!

Valorant Vandal Skins

2. Champions 2021 Vandal (Exclusive-edition-icon.png)

The first VCT event was a huge achievement for the game franchise and a delight for the Valorant community fans. To better reward the latter, the game developers decided to release an exclusive Champions 2021 VCT bundle, whose part proceeds went to the qualifying teams of the VCT 2021 event.

The Valorant Vandal vs Phantom debate could be settled here at least once after you test-inspect the Champions 2021 Vandal. Sure it’s nothing like the Ion Phantom, but hearing the instrumental of the ‘Die For You‘ play upon the inspection, it goes along well with the glowing word Champions whenever a kill is scored.

The Champions Aura and the Finisher are sure additional marvels to behold for the true Valorant Enthusiasts at any time.

Valorant Vandal Skins

3. Glitchpop EP2 Vandal (Exclusive-edition-icon.png)

The next most admired Valorant weapon skins across all the released gun bundles belong to the Glitchpop collection. After the collection originally featured early with the Valorant Patch 1.05, the community admiration made it get a re-release, but with different weapons this time. The second Glitchpop collection arrived with Valorant Patch 2.02, and was named Glitchpop EP2, which features the Glitchpop Vandal.

Its neo-futuristic appeal and pop new-age graphics make it the most desirable Vandal Valorant Gun Skin. It features four levels of weapon upgrades which will require Radianite Points to unlock. Collectively, the muzzle flash, inspect and reload animation, and various VFX & SFX effects make the Glitchpop Vandal a legendary weapon skin to own.

Valorant Vandal Skins

4. Sentinel of Light Vandal (Exclusive-edition-icon.png)

Valorant fans who admire something prestigious with a touch of magic could appreciate the Sentinels of Light Vandal skin. Its release in Valorant celebrates the special Sentinels of Light event in Riot’s League of Legends. The Vandal animations, VFX & SFX, include audios pulled straight from the League of legends game, but there’s more!

Its unique gunfire and muzzle flash are impeccably smooth and on par with its reload animation that makes the relic-stone-like barrel rotate and reform. Lastly, to ace it all, the Finisher sees the victim’s body purified by the mark of Sentinels from above while its theme plays in the surroundings.

Valorant Vandal Skins

5. Gaia’s Vengeance (Premium-edition-icon.png)

Fans that adore the mage-like Valorant Skins have another delight to claim with the Gaia’s Vengeance Collection. Unlike any previously released Valorant Vandal skins, it goes a step further to provide a Finisher never seen before!

The victim’s body is transformed into a more vast tree than any map site and covers the whole sky. Moreover, the tree and its leaves resemble the color of the Valorant Vandal skin used by the player between Red, Green, Blue, and Orange.

Top 3 Valorant Vandal Gun Skins By Valorant Community!

While the debate for the Valorant Vandal vs Phantom weapon reigns endlessly, a few things are certain, like the Valorant Community’s favorite best Vandal Skins. It must be mentioned that the Vandal skins have been the most admired besides their actual use case of offering the one-tap, one-kill potential.

Additionally, the Vandal skins have also been the ones to be featured the most in the Valorant Battlepasses to date. Hence, check out these top-tier favorite Valorant Vandal Gun Skins liked globally by the entire Valorant Community!

1. Elderflame Vandal (Ultra-edition-icon.png)

Unsurprisingly, the Vandal Valorant Gun Skin from the Elferflame Collection earns the top spot for its well-qualified reasons. The stunning 3D VFX and SFX effects of the weapon are second to none; compare it with any game in existence, the dragon rules, no cap! As for the rumors about the aimbot…who knows?

Valorant Vandal Skins

2. Prime Vandal (Premium-edition-icon.png)

The Prime Vandal is the earliest of the thirty-eight different Valroant Vandal Skins. The sleek-looking simplistic weapon still owns its throne after two years of release. Besides achieving a legendary stature within the Valroant Skins, its VFX, animations, and Finisher are top-notch to date and a delight to many valorant pro esports players.

Valorant Vandal Skins

3. Origin Vandal (Premium-edition-icon.png)

The arrival of the Valorant ACT2 Episode 1 brought many delightful upgrades and exciting features to the game, followed by the Valroant Patch 2.1 Update, which released the Origin Valorant Gun Skin Bundle. It offers the Valorant fans a never seen neolithic Valroant weapon in their hands, whose animation is awe-inspiring enough to appease or distract anyone! See for yourself!

Why does Valorant Vandal vs Phantom Debate Exist?

The debate & opinion regarding which Valroant weapon is supreme between Phantom and Vandal is subjective to the player. The former offers better stability and silenced rounds without tracers, which are good for shooting on mid or small-size maps and through the smoke orbs.

On the other hand, the Vandal weapon is a weapon of mass destruction in trained hands, which can extract its one-shot, one-kill potential well. The Vandal weapon is a favorite for many pros, even on smaller Valorant maps, offering absolutely zero bullet drop at the cost of a slightly higher bullet spread.

Tip: The correct answer to which weapon is the best depends on the map you’re playing or your ability to burst/tap fire.

The Takeaway

Although the Reaver Vandal is an all-time favorite, it’s closely contested by the fans who like the Glitchpop Vandal better. Subsequently, many other Valorant Vandal skins, like the RGX 11z Pro, Ego Vandal, etc., claim the successive top spots. So be sure to get your hands on any of these Vandal skins because they are more than a luxury to own!


Why do pros use the Vandal?

The Valorant Vandal weapon possesses one-shot, one-kill potential, which makes it a favorite for many pro esports players. One bullet as a headshot is enough to kill the enemy with a Vandal, which only costs 2,900 credits.

Is the Vandal in VALORANT an AK?

The Valorant Vandal is a version of Ak-47 from the popular FPS shooter game CSGO. Similarly, the Valorant Phantom weapon is a version of the M4A1-S weapon available in CSGO.

Is Vandal or Phantom better VALORANT?

The Vandal pick ratio wins over the debate between Vandal vs Phantom Valorant weapon. However, both offer unique individual perks, with the Phantom offering better spray stability, whereas the Vandal offers one-shot kill potential.

Is the Prime Vandal worth it?

Owning the Prime Valorant Vandal skins is always worth it for those who want to expand their collection or own a classic piece of Valorant history. Furthermore, as memes delightfully put it, liking Prime Vandal signifies that the person is a woman/man of culture.

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