Is Valorant Crossplay Support Ready in 2022?

Valorant took less than a year to generate over $1 Billion revenue after its launch on June 2, 2020. Ever since its official release on the Windows PC platform, fans have awaited the game to arrive on other platforms. The community expects everything from M1 Macs to PS4, Xbox consoles to PS5, and even Valorant Mobile. Is Valorant cross platform ready at all?

Is Valorant Cross Platform Support Available?

The Valorant developer notes and interviews from December 2020 mention Riot developing the game for the console market. Since Valorant is a tactical FPS shooter, it can no doubt capture the gaming market for consoles as it did for PC platforms.

But, reports suggest no reflection on the Valorant game being released on consoles. Yet, it can still feature cross platform gameplay, given that the means to fulfill it can be unofficial. So, Is Valorant cross platform supported unofficially?

Well, the answer to it is a mixed bag full of Yes and No sprays and memes.

Crossplay Support for a game refers to players competing against each other via using non-identical platforms to access the game.

Riot Valorant Crossplay Development Plans

Fans are tired of wondering, is valorant coming to console, but they are still hopeful towards the Riot development team. All hope for it sparks from the game developers’ mention of Valorant PS4 development outcomes in a discussion.

Valorant for PS4 Consoles

Valorant on PS4 availability was initially in development parallel to the game’s official release in June. However, certain challenges seem too resource-consuming compared to its market, which regularly features new game launches.

Alongside AAA titles that first arrive on consoles or used to until the pandemic, running FPS games on them is complex. The developers attempted to replicate PC’s same, fair and balanced gameplay on consoles, but it couldn’t pan out. Ultimately, the project was scrapped.

is valorant cross platform - On PS4?

Valorant for Xbox Consoles

Similarly, Valorant Xbox One possibilities and – is Valorant on Xbox – questions will share an identical outcome. Despite Windows offering lag-free services for crossplay games using Game Pass, it cannot offer the same performance to users on mobile devices.

Sure the latest next-gen Xbox consoles can play more demanding games, but graphics have never been the delaying issue. The controls, activating Agent Abilities, etc., and their refinement is difficult to match on consoles. Hence the Valorant Xbox release may also never arrive.

Valorant Xbox - is valorant cross platform

Valorant for M1 Macs

There have been numerous exhibits online on Social platforms and YouTube users running Valorant on Mac. Download Valorant on Mac is another all-time trending search term, but it’s not official.

Apple devices running M1 chips cannot run Valorant because the game cannot access Riot Vanguard service on them.

Sure, users can emulate a Windows environment on Mac devices, but users have reported several game-launching errors. Users have also reported that it never works over 30 FPS or is inconsistent with graphics if the game works. Therefore, Valorant crossplay possibilities are reduced furthermore.

is valorant cross platform- M1 Mac

Riot Valorant Mobile Release Date, Announcement & News

The Valorant Mobile game is a long-awaited matter of enthusiasm for millions of Valorant players. It is already available for pre-registration on the Apple Store and Google Play, with an ongoing Beta program, live in the NA region.

So, fans can indeed expect Valorant Mobile to be released by Q3 2022 or earlier. It depends on the competition game title release like Apex Legends, Battlefield Mobile, etc., and game development.

Valorant Mobile

Is Valorant Cross Platform Valorant Mobile Support Ready?

Recent announcements made via Developers Notes on the official Valorant site describe the Mobile Valorant won’t offer crossplay. It translates to users playing the Mobile game queuing with other Mobile Valorant players only and vice versa for PC.

Top Reasons on Why is Valorant Cross Platform Not Happening

Running Valorant on console demands solving certain monumental hurdles to tackle when it already works great on PC. The Riot team’s good decision to lets Devs work on the PC game to further improve it for every global player.

Riot Vanguard Security

Valorant Team is against inducing cheatings and hacks in valorant gameplay, which only the Riot Vanguard service can prevent. It detects game file tampering and modifications and reports them to Valorant support. Even if the game is mirrored to stream, it cannot be completely ported.

So, is Valorant cross platform Xbox and PC ready, and such questions are also moot.

Final Words

Although the community hopes to hear an answer – is valorant cross platform 2022? – the likely answer is no. At best, players and Valorant Community will play Valorant Mobile soon as the game launches officially.


Q. Can PC and PS4 play Valorant together?

No. Players cannot use PC and PS4 Valorant crossplay because the game is available exclusively on PC only.

Q. Is Valorant for PC only?

Valorant Game developed by Riot games is presently available for PC only. Otherwise, players can await the release of Valorant Mobiles.

Q. Is Valorant on Xbox and PS4?

Valorant is unavailable for Xbox and PS4, along with other diverse consoles. Players can only rely on official game updates & news to hear about playing Valorant on Xbox and PS4.

Q. Is Valorant Mobile Crossplay?

Valorant Mobile release will soon arrive in the market by Q3 2022. Valorant players can play the game on PC using a mouse and keyboard until then.

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