Valorant Credits & Valorant Points: Difference You Should Know!

Valorant gaming is growing steadily globally & it’s still gaining popularity after crossing the $1 billion revenue milestone. This growth appears to be nowhere near stopping, with newer Valorant players joining per day. So, it’s vital to understand the different game elements, including the difference between Valorant Credits and Valorant Points.

Understanding the difference may not be overwhelming for a beginner in Valorant who has previously played tactical FPS games. However, managing your Valorant points becomes essential when you desire to access the Valorant Store or Valorant Night Market.

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Valorant Credits Explained

Every tactical FPS game has some form of in-game currency, which you can use to buy in-game armor, weapons, etc. Similarly, Valorant Credits exist in the matches, which you can exchange to purchase weapons, valorant agent abilities, and armor.

You can use the Valorant Credits during the Buy Time, which is available before the start of a Valorant Round. Every player starts with 800 Valorant credits at the beginning of every Valorant Competitive or Unrated Game.

Subsequently, a player can earn valorant credits during each round to increase their in-game match currency. A successful spike initiation or diffuse will earn the team 800 Valorant Credits per player. On the other hand, a successful kill earns the respective player 200 credits.

Valorant credits

Earning free valorant credits is easy by planting the Spike even after winning the round as Attackers. Alternatively, you can also score free valorant credits by killing off enemy players after securing victory or loss.

Valorant Points Explained

Valorant Points are the premium currency in Valorant, using which a player can purchase items from the Valorant Store. One can also exchange them for buying the Radianite Points, which are useful for unlocking Weapon upgrades.

Everything From Valorant Agents, Valorant Battlepass, Valorant Night Market Skins, etc., can be purchased using Valorant Points (VP). To obtain Valorant Points, a user can buy them in exchange for Real World (IRL) currency like dollars, etc.

Valorant Points - Valorant credits

Why Buy Valorant Points?

There are numerous reasons why it’s beneficial to purchase Valorant Points.

  • Valorant Points can be exchanged for Purchasing Exclusive Gun Bundles.
  • VP allows players to purchase Battlepass, which contains +45 exclusive Valorant items.
  • You can exchange the Valorant points for Radianite Points, which buys you weapon VFX upgrades.
  • Buying Valorant Points in bulk can also earn you Bonus Valorant points based on different packages.

Valorant Credits vs Valorant Points

Now, how do Valorant Credits differ from Valorant Points? It’s simple.

  • The free valorant credits you obtain in the game can purchase armor, agent abilities, etc., for yourself or valorant weapons for your ally.
  • Valorant Points can allow you to purchase exclusive, time-limited items like Singularity Bundle, Magepunk Weapons bundle, etc.
  • Credits do not require IRL currency purchase, and you cannot exchange them outside of game rounds.
  • The Valorant Points can be exchanged for buying Valorant Battlepass, Unlocking Valorant Agents, Valorant Gun Skins, Valorant Sprays, etc.

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Final Words

You are advised to maintain discretion regarding sharing information about your Valorant profile when you are offered free valorant points. Most often, free VP giveaways aren’t real unless sponsored by verified entities.

On the other hand, try your best to retain enough credits for your next round in your matches. Doing so can get you a full buy of agent abilities + valorant weapons, + armor to lead your team to victory! Happy Gaming!

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