How to Refund Valorant Bundle & Guns

The Valorant Champions Bundle was a fine example of how Valorant rewards eSports players and its global player base. Similarly, the numerous Valorant Bundles are made available in the Valorant Store for a short period. While getting every valorant bundle item may be impossible, it’s not too difficult to obtain a refund.

Valorant Refund Policy

To allow valorant players to cancel their purchase of Valorant items from the store, Valorant does have a refund policy. It enables the players to re-acquire the Valorant Points they’ve spent to purchase such items by initiating a request.

But, before you proceed to launch a valorant bundle refund request, it’s helpful to learn when such requests are entertained.

valorant refund

Valorant Refund Conditions

For avoiding unnecessary disputes, controversies, and waste of time regarding valorant refunds, the game creators & developers have released some conditions. Any requests for the valorant bundle refund or similar items will automatically be discarded should they exist outside these conditions:

  1. The Valorant item/content should be unused.
  2. The purchase date of the Valorant Store item should not exceed 14 days from the date of refund request.
  3. The content falls within the list of refundable items.

Valid Items Qualifying A Valorant Refund

Presently, only two types of Valorant items are deemed valid to allow refunds, and they are as follows:

Valorant Points (VP)

A player can obtain refund(s) for the VP they have purchased using valid payment methods linked to Valorant Store. The common global payment methods include Debit Cards, Credit Cards, PayPal, etc., whereas other payment methods can differ by country.

valorant refund

Valorant Skins Refund

Only the Valorant Bundle Skins that haven’t already been used in-game or otherwise qualify for refund(s). Likewise, if a player has modified a Valorant skin belonging to a bundle or separate collection, such refunds are invalidated

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Invalid Valorant Refund Requests Criteria

According to the terms and conditions of Refund by Valorant, these items don’t qualify for Refund(s):

valorant refund

Premium Battlepass Purchase

A Valorant Battlepass allows players to unlock and obtain exclusive items which are delivered to their Collections. Since a Valorant Battlepass provides an average of 40 special items, its refunds are deemed invalid as VP or otherwise.

Valorant Character Contracts

The Valorant Agent contracts are a part of the game, allowing players to gain XP for unlocking new content. Thus, reverting the progress of unlocking any contract is deemed invalid in any way whatsoever for refunds.

Weapons/Skins Upgrades

Any upgrade done towards any valorant item demands spending Radianite Points. Refunding such upgrades negates the need to make such options available to players. Thus, Refunds for Weapon Upgrades are considered invalid. 

Premium Battlepass Items

Allowing Refund for Premium Items obtained from Battlepass deters the players from having the joy of obtaining collectibles. Furthermore, it prevents players from becoming invested in the game, so such refunds are unavailable for all players.

Radianite Points

The Players can receive Radianite Points from the Valorant Battlepass, and such Radianite Points do not qualify for refunds.

Valorant Gun Bundles

A Bundle Refund is by default ruled as invalid since such bundles are already available at discounted rates. Furthermore, tracking their use becomes a costly hassle when considering millions of Valorant players purchase them on average.

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How to Initiate Valorant Bundle Refund?

How to get a refund is a simple process that you can initiate at any time. But, it’s applicable only for items that fall within the refundable category.

  • Visit the Official Valorant Riot Games Support website.
  • Navigate to the section titled Valorant and log in with your Riot Games account.
  • Access the section titled Purchase History.
  • Click on the Refund button visible next to the purchased item(s) you want to return.
  • Your game client should launch and initiate the refund process.

Final Words

The activities under how to get refund are subject to change at any moment, without prior notice. Hence, it’s wise to stay updated with them by checking this website periodically to get all Valorant Updates. In the meantime, get that Ace! Happy Gaming!

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