Valorant Rituals & Bad Habits Ranked – How Many Have You Tried?

All Valorant players have their own in-game rituals and bad habits to overcome.

Among the rituals that players do before queuing, some can be extremely crazy, like doing HARD Aimlabs exercises!

valorant rituals

But the rituals aren’t limited to pre-queuing and can get pretty elaborate!

Furthermore, these rituals can become bad habits in Valorant pretty quickly and later become the cause for de-ranking.

How many game rituals are you aware of? And have you tried any of them?

Low ELO & High-Rank Valorant Rituals & Bad Habits: Ranked Guide

For a player base of more than 2 million, there are a million things that all the players do or try on an everyday basis.

Those who say Valorant is a fun game have a spirit stronger than Radianite – Straight Up GOATS!

While certain rituals and bad habits mentioned below may work for most, they are largely, at best, bad decisions. See how many you can recognize yourself doing before you play a match!

1. SUPER Aim-Practice

From the Aimlabs routine to playing Deathmatch or Swiftplay – players globally prefer warming up first as their everyday Valorant ritual. Before queuing for the actual unrated or competitive games, it is statistically both better and worse to warm up. The outcome only depends on how alert you are after you do it.

For example, it’s not ideal when you start Aimlabs or game mode and score low because it ruins your morale. Alternatively, try queuing directly, or better yet, hit the Range for practice at the Agent Select screen. Of course, after you select your agent, please.

2. Hear an OP on Mid? >> Contest the OP! >> Die

Peek Mid when an OP is watching Mid >>
A Classic & Popular Example of Gambling in Valorant!

Peeking Mid is not a ritual but a rite of passage into the community.

Hey, when an OP shot has your name on it, by all means, it must be claimed, right? *sigh*

Dying to OP after the teammate has died from it is something that will never change in the game.

No matter how old the game may get, there is no preventing people from choosing to throw than playing sensibly.

The Best Part? EVERY Valorant player is Guilty of the crime. Both proudly and unapologetically, yes.

3. Using Abilities Late in Clutch Situations

Everyone has died while holding their abilities in their hands, often with the Ultimate Ability, too!

Getting killed in the game when holding your agent ability is a newbie mistake, but it is possible to rise above it. Yes, it will take time and experience, and it may still happen, but not as frequently.

Look up some guides about the basic mistakes of every Valorant player ever, implement some solutions, and you’ll do just fine.

4. Checking Valorant Minimap Too Much

It is one thing to keep track of your team’s activity in the game, and it is another thing to be distracted.

We get it. It may take a second to see and make sense of the minimap. So, try changing some Valorant minimap settings in custom mode if you struggle too much.

5. Playing Passive or On Auto-Pilot

Whether you perform your ritual or not, even if it’s your first or fourth game – you can auto-pilot the game.

It is a common bad habit, and a Valorant ritual may not help you to get rid of it. What can help is making your gaming area comfortable and not queuing or playing a different game mode for a change.

valorant rituals

6. Force Buy Every Round

Some will say it is a ritual to force-buy, and pros will call it a bad habit. Whatever it is, ultimately, it is the main contributor to your losses in the game.

It is vital to understand the game economy and to anticipate the match outcomes at least two or three rounds ahead. When you play a tactical FPS shooter, it’s always best to save some in the bank – but being stingy isn’t ideal either.

Read up guides on game economy management or gun buying guides to learn what it’s all about!

7. Throwing In-Game

Throwing game match rounds is both a ritual and a bad habit – especially for ones with an ego.

It is a ritual when your duelist is denied the shiny gun skin or when you throw away their OP. It is a bad habit when you or they are denied from playing a particular setup or position.

Work it out, be friendly, respect your allies, and have fun. It is a game after all.

8. Abilities Spam Post-Win

Every Raze ever is the over-joyous Valorant player who will throw their grenade randomly or at a teammate to farm funny clips. Unfortunately, other agents or players also do it with their abilities.

Even as a funny ritual – it’s still a bad habit. Firstly, it means you have to rebuy it = game economy loss. Secondly, it is called griefing if the ability hurts HP and may result in getting reported.

valorant rituals

9. Mic Spam/ Mic Abuse

It is a problem when players use the mic incorrectly, and it’s a problem when players don’t use it. The biggest problem, however, is when players spam in the mic.

The mic spam can be anything from Discord sounds to random music, abuses, chatter, and so on...

At once, you should ask the player abusing the mic to stop, and perhaps they will. Otherwise, all you can do is ultimately lower their mic volume or mute it and report Comms abuse – Audio (if plausible).

valorant rituals

10. Bullying Bottom Fragger

To make your bottom fragger feel guilty is another bad habit and a ritual in Low ELO. It is no different from bullying them, and it’s even worse when you know they are a low-rank player.

Valorant takes strict actions against bullying low-rank players, and doing it will earn you a ban sooner rather than later.


Having fun in a Valorant game should not rely on bullying players or playing poorly for laughs. Read the room, and respect your team because doing these things in a five-stack queue party is perhaps okay ONLY with consent. Otherwise, it’s high time to abandon these bad Valorant habits and rituals for good.

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